Issue: A letter to Snatch Theft

To: Snatch Theft

2007, was the year which recession start in USA. USA has big influence in the world economic. So, in the following year, 2008, the impact of recession started spread to whole world. Many big company such as Lehman Brother has declared bankrupt. Beside that, many company also taken defensive move, which they reduced their number of worker, canceled or hold the big project, shutdown their branches and cut the worker wage.

Our nation, Malaysia also can't escape the same fate. The unemployment rate continue increase. Many employee have to cut their salary or else they will sack by their employer. The income reduced, but the living expenses continue rise. Thus, the life pressure increased drastically.

Mr./Ms. snatch theft, i know you need to take care your family. But your income has reduced or your current income can't cope with your living expenses. So, you become snatch theft to earn some extra income. But have you ever think that your victim might have same problem with you? Imagine a guy who work hard for a month and get his paid. Then, you ride your bike and snatch away his salary. Yeah, now you can solve your family living expenses. But how about your victim? They no need eat? They no need drink? They don't have living expenses?

Last time, snatch theft seldom carry parang when they wanted to snatch. But nowaday, you carried along parang when you want to 'work'. I know you just want to scare your victim so that your vicitim are more willingness to give their wealth to you. But have you ever think of this:

'One day, you spotted your victim. You ride your bike and approach your vicitim. You snatch the victim bag but the victim try to fight back. Suddenly, 3 men running toward you. You start to feel anxiety. Under this condition, you might did something that you unexpected such as you use the parang and chop your victim! You just want their wealth and use parang to scare them. But at the end, you unintentional chop your victim. If the victim serious injured by your parang and passed away. How about they family. They feel sad and angry.'

Beside that, if you are caught, you will sent to jail. During this timeline, what about your lovely family? They are depend on your income all the time but you are in the jail. Don't you think of this?

I know your difficulties. But your problem can solve by other ways. You not neccesary need to become snatch theft. Stop your 'cepat kaya' and 'mahu senang' attitude and start finding an extra job for extra income.

Iverson Yuan
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