Issue: 10 subjects limit for SPM start from 2010 onward

Education minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin announced from next year onward, student are allow to register maximum 10 subjects only in SPM. That mean from next year onward, we will not see student record 'breaking' result in SPM.

This announcement seem like good news for student as the student will not overburden. But 10 subjects only and will effective from next year(2010) onward.

I would like to ask Tan Sri Muhyiddin a question: 10 subjects limit. Would it be too low for a student?For a science stream student, they have Bahasa Malaysia, English, Math, Add Math, Moral, Sejarah, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, EST. Oh..10 subjects already.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin, did you forgot something, mother tongue language? Most of the schoold does not allow student to drop any of the 10 subjects. But if a chinese student want to register Mandarin? If a indian student want to register Tamil? What about other races?Furthermore, if a student want to register some subject that relate to their further study, but not allow to drop any of the 10 subjects, what can they do? Choose other course for their further study. Reason: I can't register the subject relate to my wanted course, so i didn't meet the course requirement. I force to choose other course.

Beside that, the subject limitation will effective from 2010 onward. Tan Sri Muhyiddin, don't you think 2010 will be too rush? I think some of the form 4 student already planned their wanted subject in their next year SPM. And I think all of those student already attended the extra subject they planned at tuition center. But from next year onward, only 10 subjects are allow. So, their effort, time and money are wasted.

Subject limitation are good move taken by Education Minister in order not to overburden the student. But 10 subjects just too low for a student. In my opinion, 12 subjects will be optimum for every student because there are some room for student to register some extra subjects and they will not overburden too.

This move will be more perfect if the subject limitation effective from 2011 onward. Because this will be more fair to current form 4 student as some of the student already planned their SPM subject.

Malaysia are developing country, we need scholar to improve our nation. But the education system are ineffective. Students alway the victim becasue the decision taken by Education Minister are rushie and not taken after in-depth analysis.
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  1. kethes Says:

    dei... the non malays cant take their language paper d la... tamil got two paper u know... what if malaysian student wanna take accounts in science stream??? stupid decision la