I'm a Standout in Life

17 of May, a day which i will forever remember in my heart.

This year, from 16 to 18 of May is my temple birthday celebration. The second day of celebration, which mean 17 may, we have a special ceremony: walk on the CHARCOAL!

The ceremony started at 9pm. Before that, the workers already started prepare for the charcoal. The splited the charcoal into several layer. They burned the first layer until the charcoal become red-hot. Then they will put another layer on top of the first layer. And this process continued until 9pm.

At 9pm, the workers put a new layer of charcoal on the previous layer. At that time, the charcoal still in black colour. So i walk through the charcoal. The charcoal just little bit hot only. After walk for few laps, my leg can feel that the charcoal was getting hotter and hotter.

Then the worker 'hit' the charcoal, so that the charcoal become semi red-hot(some are black and some are red-hot). Then i start think: should i walk through?. Without thinking too much, i taken my first step and i walk through the around 10 meters semi red-hot charcoal.

Wow..can't believe that I dare to walk the hot charcoal. After that, my right leg is fine, but my left leg got 3 very small blister. But too bad, I can't took a picture about me walking through the charcoal because it is really hot when the charcoal turned into red-hot.

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  1. kethes Says:

    nice post.... damn berani la u