Issue: 10 subjects limit for SPM start from 2010 onward

Education minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin announced from next year onward, student are allow to register maximum 10 subjects only in SPM. That mean from next year onward, we will not see student record 'breaking' result in SPM.

This announcement seem like good news for student as the student will not overburden. But 10 subjects only and will effective from next year(2010) onward.

I would like to ask Tan Sri Muhyiddin a question: 10 subjects limit. Would it be too low for a student?For a science stream student, they have Bahasa Malaysia, English, Math, Add Math, Moral, Sejarah, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, EST. Oh..10 subjects already.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin, did you forgot something, mother tongue language? Most of the schoold does not allow student to drop any of the 10 subjects. But if a chinese student want to register Mandarin? If a indian student want to register Tamil? What about other races?Furthermore, if a student want to register some subject that relate to their further study, but not allow to drop any of the 10 subjects, what can they do? Choose other course for their further study. Reason: I can't register the subject relate to my wanted course, so i didn't meet the course requirement. I force to choose other course.

Beside that, the subject limitation will effective from 2010 onward. Tan Sri Muhyiddin, don't you think 2010 will be too rush? I think some of the form 4 student already planned their wanted subject in their next year SPM. And I think all of those student already attended the extra subject they planned at tuition center. But from next year onward, only 10 subjects are allow. So, their effort, time and money are wasted.

Subject limitation are good move taken by Education Minister in order not to overburden the student. But 10 subjects just too low for a student. In my opinion, 12 subjects will be optimum for every student because there are some room for student to register some extra subjects and they will not overburden too.

This move will be more perfect if the subject limitation effective from 2011 onward. Because this will be more fair to current form 4 student as some of the student already planned their SPM subject.

Malaysia are developing country, we need scholar to improve our nation. But the education system are ineffective. Students alway the victim becasue the decision taken by Education Minister are rushie and not taken after in-depth analysis.

Sport: Fantasy Four or Incredible Trio?

Tonight is the Champion League final for the season 2008/09. Man Utd beat Arsenal to enter the final. While Barcelona denied all second consecutive all England final when they beat Chelsea in semi final.

Man Utd vs Barcelona. No matter which team win the Big Ear, they will definitely create history. If Man Utd win the Big Ear tonight, they will be the first team to defend the Champion League title and this season the will have fantasy four title in their hand: World Championship, League cup, English Premier League and Champion League.In other hand, if Barca win the Big Ear, they will be the first spanish side to win a treble in a season: Spanish League, Spanish King Cup and Champion League.

Man Utd prefered counter attack style while Barca have strong attacking side. And of course, the focus is on the two world best player: Ronaldo vs Messi. Both player have their influence for their own team. Can they use their own skill and influence to bring the Big Ear to their home? Another focus is Man Utd back four against Barca trio attackers. Can the back four cope with the trio?

Man Utd and Barca, both are my favourite team. They have great player and they play beautiful game. And they have never give up easily spirit which i love the most. No matter Man Utd or Barca win the cup tonight, they are still the best team in the world.

Issue: Nizar vs Zambri

Today, I saw the headline of the newspaper. Zambri will remain as Perak Menteri Besar.

From Nizar to Zambri, then Zambri to Nizar again. Then from Nizar to Zambri. What an interesting story. Two people representative fighting for the Menteri Besar position. But the Perak people are the victim no matter which party win the race.

After all this kind of funny thing, something come across my mind:

-Is Malaysia Law justice?
-Is human are joker?
-People representative are solving people problem or they fight for their own parties only?
-Is Barisan Nasional can get special threat because they are controlling the central goverment?

Malaysia are democratic nation. But in my opinion, i think that Barisan Nasional misintepret the word 'democratic'. When two party have same number of wakil rakyat(28-28), both party have the right to claim they have the right to rule the state. But the action taken by Barisan Nasional was like they have the 100% right to rule Perak. They elected Zambri as the new Barisan Nasional and claimed Nizar was sacked.

Don't forget, Barisan Nasional actual wakil rakyat only got 25 plus 3 coalition independent people. When Pakatan Rakyat demand to dismiss the Perak goverment and have a new and fair general election at Perak, Barisan Nasional decline.

Why you decline since there are so many controversy? A new general election will definitely solve all this controversy. Prime minister, Najib decided not to contest in Penanti by-election because his team want to focus in the economic matter. But may i ask you a question, can the Zambri or Nizar solve the Perak economic and other matter if the Menteri Besar issue continuous?

Peace and money, which one will you choose. Two Menteri Besar, Nizar vs Zambri everyday also fighting for the pose. If Nizar won, then Zambri appeal. If Zambri won, then Nizar appeal. Moreover, the supporter will protest also. So, when will we see the peace?

If the Sultan of the Perak decide not to dismiss the goverment because the cost of the general election is high, and they wanted to save money for economic problem, then i think the Sultan is wrong. A general election will cost very much. Each party will conterst in the general election and the will make flag, banner, pin, flyer and etc. All this will increase the economic activity in the Perak and thus the economic in our nation also will increase. By having the new general election, people can choose their own wakil rakyat and there are no more controversy.

So, in my opinion, i think that dismiss the current Perak goverment and have a new general election will be the best choice to solve the controversy.We want a peace, harmony and fair. Hidup Peace, Hidup Harmony and Hidup Fair!!!

I'm a Standout in Life

17 of May, a day which i will forever remember in my heart.

This year, from 16 to 18 of May is my temple birthday celebration. The second day of celebration, which mean 17 may, we have a special ceremony: walk on the CHARCOAL!

The ceremony started at 9pm. Before that, the workers already started prepare for the charcoal. The splited the charcoal into several layer. They burned the first layer until the charcoal become red-hot. Then they will put another layer on top of the first layer. And this process continued until 9pm.

At 9pm, the workers put a new layer of charcoal on the previous layer. At that time, the charcoal still in black colour. So i walk through the charcoal. The charcoal just little bit hot only. After walk for few laps, my leg can feel that the charcoal was getting hotter and hotter.

Then the worker 'hit' the charcoal, so that the charcoal become semi red-hot(some are black and some are red-hot). Then i start think: should i walk through?. Without thinking too much, i taken my first step and i walk through the around 10 meters semi red-hot charcoal.

Wow..can't believe that I dare to walk the hot charcoal. After that, my right leg is fine, but my left leg got 3 very small blister. But too bad, I can't took a picture about me walking through the charcoal because it is really hot when the charcoal turned into red-hot.

Issue: A letter to Snatch Theft

To: Snatch Theft

2007, was the year which recession start in USA. USA has big influence in the world economic. So, in the following year, 2008, the impact of recession started spread to whole world. Many big company such as Lehman Brother has declared bankrupt. Beside that, many company also taken defensive move, which they reduced their number of worker, canceled or hold the big project, shutdown their branches and cut the worker wage.

Our nation, Malaysia also can't escape the same fate. The unemployment rate continue increase. Many employee have to cut their salary or else they will sack by their employer. The income reduced, but the living expenses continue rise. Thus, the life pressure increased drastically.

Mr./Ms. snatch theft, i know you need to take care your family. But your income has reduced or your current income can't cope with your living expenses. So, you become snatch theft to earn some extra income. But have you ever think that your victim might have same problem with you? Imagine a guy who work hard for a month and get his paid. Then, you ride your bike and snatch away his salary. Yeah, now you can solve your family living expenses. But how about your victim? They no need eat? They no need drink? They don't have living expenses?

Last time, snatch theft seldom carry parang when they wanted to snatch. But nowaday, you carried along parang when you want to 'work'. I know you just want to scare your victim so that your vicitim are more willingness to give their wealth to you. But have you ever think of this:

'One day, you spotted your victim. You ride your bike and approach your vicitim. You snatch the victim bag but the victim try to fight back. Suddenly, 3 men running toward you. You start to feel anxiety. Under this condition, you might did something that you unexpected such as you use the parang and chop your victim! You just want their wealth and use parang to scare them. But at the end, you unintentional chop your victim. If the victim serious injured by your parang and passed away. How about they family. They feel sad and angry.'

Beside that, if you are caught, you will sent to jail. During this timeline, what about your lovely family? They are depend on your income all the time but you are in the jail. Don't you think of this?

I know your difficulties. But your problem can solve by other ways. You not neccesary need to become snatch theft. Stop your 'cepat kaya' and 'mahu senang' attitude and start finding an extra job for extra income.

Iverson Yuan

Sport: Referee quality has decline?

Champion League semi final passed. The finalist for the final was out. 27 May, defending champion, Manchester United will face Barcelona at Rome. However, some controversy appear during the two semi final.

At Arsenal vs Manchester United match, Darren Fletcher was red carded for bringing down Fabregas in the penalty box. But from the view of replay, the decision of referee was arguable as Flecther takle was clean as he clear away the ball before he bring down Fabregas. So, Flecther will be suspend for the final match.

On other semi final match, Chelsea was knock out dramatically by Barcelona. Iniesta scored a dramatic gol at 90+2 minutes to knock out Chelsea through away gol. But the match will be different if the referee correctly award at least 4 penalty.

Malouda was fouled just in the penalty box but the referee award a free kick outside the penalty box. Then Drogba was brought down in the penalty box but referee play on the match. The third is Pique was handed ball when Anelka trying to pass him in the penalty box. And the fourth, the most decisive one. At 90+6 minutes, Eto was handed ball when blocking Chelsea attempt on gol.

We can't denied that human alway make mistake but too much mistake will arise question and problem. FIFA should find the solution for this problem before the world most popular lose it fans.