Sport: Rafael Benitez just too arrogant!

Rafael Benitez is getting more arrogant with his team recent performance. After beating Man Utd 1-4 at Old Trafford, he claimed that he used his own tactic to beat Man Utd. But, in fact, all gol conceded by Man Utd during the match was caused by the defender errors. And how could he claim is his tactic?

During the match against Blackburn, he look down on Blackburn and claimed the game was end when his team is leading 2-0. Even though at the end his team won 4-0, but he should not stated the game is end when the game still playing.

At the Champion League quarter final, Liverpool lose 1-3 to Chelsea at Anfield. Rafael Benitez, where is your arrogant? Your master class tactic? Is your tactic which cost Liverpool conceded two gols from corner kick. In the following match at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool were 2-0 up before Chelsea fight back to 4-4.Glad to see that result. If not, Benitez will said again:" is my tactic who overturn the aggregate and put Liverpool in Champion League semi final".

The latest game: Arsenal against Liverpool. The final score was 4-4 and Arshavin hit 4 gols in the game. Benitez said that is his own team defender who make mistake and conceded the 4 gols. But, Benitez, do you think your team can score 3 out of 4 gols if Arsenal didn't make any defensive error? And your team just did 1 mistake for the Arshavin gol, is not all! Is Arsene Wenger and his team tactic and skill which almost kill your team if they did no mistake before the final whistle blown.

Liverpool v Arsenal

Stop your arrogant unless you won everything with your team just like Sir Alex Ferguson.
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