Sport: Champion League Quarter Final second leg

The appearance of the thunder doesn't mean the rain is coming soon. I think this is the best sentence to describe the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool was well beaten by Chelsea at Anfield at first leg of Champion League Quarter final. In order to revive their chance to enter semi final, Liverpool must socre at least 3 gols and win the match with 2 gol.

Liverpool started the game steadily and Fabio Aurelio open the score through free kick at 19th minutes and Xabi Alonso added the second gol through penalty at 28th minutes. The aggregate is 3-3 for both team but Chelsea have the advantage of 3 away gol compare to Liverpool 2 away gol. The game climate changed when Hiddink introduce Anelka to substitute Kalau at 36th minute.

Second half start, Anelka drible the ball down to the right flank and pass the ball to Drogba. Drogba tip the ball toward golpost and Reina failed to react to the ball and the ball deflected his hand before move into golpost. Few minutes later, Drogba failed to add Chelsea second gol after his freekick just inches wide from the golpost. 57thminutes, Alex powerful freekick gave Reina no chance to save the ball and Chelsea are equalised the score. 76th minutes, a fine pass from Drogba to Lampard allowed Lampard to score Chelsea third gol. When all of the Liverpool supporter think that Liverpool is eliminate from the tournament, Liverpool showed their never give up spirit and score 2 gols back through Lucas and Kuyt at 81th and 83th minutes. Liverpool saw their hope alive again as they needed 1 more gol to through to semi final. But Lampard fine strike at 89th minutes kick Liverpool out of the tournament.

Chelsea v Liverpool

On the other hand, it was the match between Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Bayern Munich were humiliated by Barcelone 4-0 at Nou Camp 1 week ago. Bayern Munich is facing an imposible task when they return to Allianz Stadium as Barcelona is one of the top contender for the Champion League. Bayern Munich get their first gol thourgh Ribery at the begining of the second half. Keita equalise for Barcelona at 73th minutes. The aggregate for the match is 5 for Barcelona and 1 for Bayern Munich.
Bayern Munchen v Barcelona
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