Issue: No more April Fool, only Malaysian Fool ?!? (part 1)

1st April has past. Have you fooled by your friends? But in Malaysia, we have our own unique Malaysian Fool.

Malaysia is petroleum producer nation

but the petrol price

compare to other petroleum production country

And he

compare out petrol price with

but he didn't compare GDP per capital

with our GDP per capital

whenever he announced increase the petrol price




increase their price because they said the cost increase
when he announced decrease petrol price

this said: Electricity produced using charcoal,so petroleum price decrease didn't effect the cost much
this said: the decrease did not effect the cost much, so we maintain the price

this said: the petroleum cost decrease but the maintanence cost increase, so we maintain the price

and this

and this

and this

did this

So, April Fool is nothing special to Malaysian as we have our own Malaysian Fool.
1 Response
  1. Says:

    if we always compare to the worst, we will become more worst.

    he should understand this sentense