Issue: Home Guard Become Snatch Theft?

Two snatch-theft just snatch my uncle. And the most unbelieveable thing is they are wearing home guard yellow shirt!

My uncle come find my father at 8.30pm. They are talking outside of my house. Then suddenly a motorbike with two "homeguard" men approach my uncle and father. My uncle and father thought they are 'homeguard',so they din adware the 'homeguard' until the 'homeguard' took out two 3 parang which has 3 feets long and snatch my uncle bag. Lucky any unwanted incident didn't happen except my uncle bag snatched by them.

Therefore, i would like to inform all resident that their resident area have homeguard service, please adware any motorbike even though is homeguard motorbike!!

And report to police is any snatch-theft incident happened even though if you lose nothing. Because according to one police officer, each week their will have a meeting to analyze each report made by resident. If a resident area is safe(no report made), then they will reduce the police patrol in the safer resident area and focus on more report made resident area.

Spread this news to your friend, family about this incident to prevent any unwanted incident happen.
2 Responses
  1. Wilson Ng Says:

    This country no longer the place that it used to be.

    My area has been having lots of crimes as well and I see no efforts from the police.

  2. Baby Says:

    Wilson, police talk more than do.