Sport: Champion League Semi Final (First leg- part 2)

Arsenal GK, Almunia prevent the score margin to become bigger after make a several good save at the night. The only scorer of the night came on 18th minutes when John O'Shea scored the gol after a deflection from Mikael Silvestre.

Sport: Champion League Semi Final( First leg- part 1))

Chelsea became the only side to stop Barcelona score any gol in Nou Camp this season after the held a 0-0 draw with Barcelona in first leg of Champion League semi final.
Barcelona vs Chelsea

Sport: Man Utd evergreen, Ryan Giggs named PFA Player of The Year

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has been named Professional Footballers' Association Player of the Year - the first time he has won the award in his glittering career. The 35-year-old had picked up the young player's award twice before.

Ryan Giggs pipped team-mates Nemanja Vidic, Edwin van der Sar, Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard to this year PFA Player of the Year.

Aston Villa winger Ashley Young picked up the Young Player of the Year award and believes it is a sign of the progress his club have made this season.

Sport: Rafael Benitez just too arrogant!

Rafael Benitez is getting more arrogant with his team recent performance. After beating Man Utd 1-4 at Old Trafford, he claimed that he used his own tactic to beat Man Utd. But, in fact, all gol conceded by Man Utd during the match was caused by the defender errors. And how could he claim is his tactic?

During the match against Blackburn, he look down on Blackburn and claimed the game was end when his team is leading 2-0. Even though at the end his team won 4-0, but he should not stated the game is end when the game still playing.

At the Champion League quarter final, Liverpool lose 1-3 to Chelsea at Anfield. Rafael Benitez, where is your arrogant? Your master class tactic? Is your tactic which cost Liverpool conceded two gols from corner kick. In the following match at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool were 2-0 up before Chelsea fight back to 4-4.Glad to see that result. If not, Benitez will said again:" is my tactic who overturn the aggregate and put Liverpool in Champion League semi final".

The latest game: Arsenal against Liverpool. The final score was 4-4 and Arshavin hit 4 gols in the game. Benitez said that is his own team defender who make mistake and conceded the 4 gols. But, Benitez, do you think your team can score 3 out of 4 gols if Arsenal didn't make any defensive error? And your team just did 1 mistake for the Arshavin gol, is not all! Is Arsene Wenger and his team tactic and skill which almost kill your team if they did no mistake before the final whistle blown.

Liverpool v Arsenal

Stop your arrogant unless you won everything with your team just like Sir Alex Ferguson.

Issue: Home Guard Become Snatch Theft?

Two snatch-theft just snatch my uncle. And the most unbelieveable thing is they are wearing home guard yellow shirt!

My uncle come find my father at 8.30pm. They are talking outside of my house. Then suddenly a motorbike with two "homeguard" men approach my uncle and father. My uncle and father thought they are 'homeguard',so they din adware the 'homeguard' until the 'homeguard' took out two 3 parang which has 3 feets long and snatch my uncle bag. Lucky any unwanted incident didn't happen except my uncle bag snatched by them.

Therefore, i would like to inform all resident that their resident area have homeguard service, please adware any motorbike even though is homeguard motorbike!!

And report to police is any snatch-theft incident happened even though if you lose nothing. Because according to one police officer, each week their will have a meeting to analyze each report made by resident. If a resident area is safe(no report made), then they will reduce the police patrol in the safer resident area and focus on more report made resident area.

Spread this news to your friend, family about this incident to prevent any unwanted incident happen.

Sport: Champion League quarter final

Defending champion, Manchester United completed the uphill task after beating Porto 0-1. C.Ronaldo scored spectacular thunderous gol 40 yard from golpost with a ball speed of 60mph or nearly 100km/h. Manchester United also collected their first clean sheet in 6 match.
FC Porto v Manchester United

Arsenal through to semi final after beat Villarreal 3-0 at Emirated Stadium.
Arsenal v Villarreal

My Blogland Milestone: 3000th visitor!

Yeah! Today, my blogland archieved another milestone, 3000th visitor since I started blog.

I would like to reserve my Thank You to one of my best buddy, Jerard because I invited him to be my 3000th visitor. I also wanted thank all visitor who visited my blogland.

Me and Jerard

Sport: Champion League Quarter Final second leg

The appearance of the thunder doesn't mean the rain is coming soon. I think this is the best sentence to describe the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool was well beaten by Chelsea at Anfield at first leg of Champion League Quarter final. In order to revive their chance to enter semi final, Liverpool must socre at least 3 gols and win the match with 2 gol.

Liverpool started the game steadily and Fabio Aurelio open the score through free kick at 19th minutes and Xabi Alonso added the second gol through penalty at 28th minutes. The aggregate is 3-3 for both team but Chelsea have the advantage of 3 away gol compare to Liverpool 2 away gol. The game climate changed when Hiddink introduce Anelka to substitute Kalau at 36th minute.

Second half start, Anelka drible the ball down to the right flank and pass the ball to Drogba. Drogba tip the ball toward golpost and Reina failed to react to the ball and the ball deflected his hand before move into golpost. Few minutes later, Drogba failed to add Chelsea second gol after his freekick just inches wide from the golpost. 57thminutes, Alex powerful freekick gave Reina no chance to save the ball and Chelsea are equalised the score. 76th minutes, a fine pass from Drogba to Lampard allowed Lampard to score Chelsea third gol. When all of the Liverpool supporter think that Liverpool is eliminate from the tournament, Liverpool showed their never give up spirit and score 2 gols back through Lucas and Kuyt at 81th and 83th minutes. Liverpool saw their hope alive again as they needed 1 more gol to through to semi final. But Lampard fine strike at 89th minutes kick Liverpool out of the tournament.

Chelsea v Liverpool

On the other hand, it was the match between Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Bayern Munich were humiliated by Barcelone 4-0 at Nou Camp 1 week ago. Bayern Munich is facing an imposible task when they return to Allianz Stadium as Barcelona is one of the top contender for the Champion League. Bayern Munich get their first gol thourgh Ribery at the begining of the second half. Keita equalise for Barcelona at 73th minutes. The aggregate for the match is 5 for Barcelona and 1 for Bayern Munich.
Bayern Munchen v Barcelona

Sport: Kiko, the Red Devil Angel

If Manchester United win the English Premier League tittle this season, Federico Macheda or his nickname: Kiko will be the one who should credit for Manchester United success. Who is Federico Macheda?

He is a 17 years old striker from Italy who had scored two gols for Manchester United compare to Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney who scored more gols than him. Why credit should given to Kiko?

Last week, Liverpool beat Fulham 1-0 to move to the top position in English Premier League position. Manchester United will face Aston Villa at Old Trafford 24 hours after Liverpool match. They face a must win task in order to regain the no.1 position.

C.Ronaldo open the score at 13 minutes but Aston Villa scored 2 gols through Carew and Agbonlahor. At 83minutes, C.Ronaldo scored the equalise through superd finishing. The game progress to 5 minutes additional times. At 93 minutes, Macheda received a pass from Ryan Giggs and sublime curling effort hit the back of the net.

Manchester United v Aston Villa

A week later, Manchester United make a visit to Sunderland. Liverpool had beaten Blackburn 4-0 a few hour before Manchester United match. So, Red Devils facing a must win task again if they want to regain top position again. Paul Scholes headed an opener after receive a cross from Wayne Rooney at 19minutes. Jones equalise from close range after an error by Ben Foster at 55minutes. 75 minutes, Macheda came on the pitch to substitute Berbatov. Can he save Red Devil again? 78th minutes, Macheda first touch from Carrick shooting scored again.

Sunderland v Manchester United

Credit should given to Macehda if Manchester United win the English Premier League title as he save Red Devil at dying moment not once, but twice.

Happy Birthday!

Haha..Thank you for all my friend who wished me Happy Birthday and celebrate with me at Nandos...Although it just a small wish..but it really mean a lot to me..Thank You!!! ^.^

( Thank you Garrett for doing this beautiful collage to me)

Sport: Champion League Quarter Final First Leg

Is draw for both match for today Champion League Quarter Final. Manchester United were held 2 all with Porto at Old Trafford. On the other hand, Villareal also held 1 all with Arsenal.

Man Utd2-2Porto

Porto proved that they are not an easy opponent when they managed to held 2-2 draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford. Rodriguez open the score as early as 4th minutes. He curled the ball to Van der Sar right side and Van der Sar failed to reached the ball. A back pass mistake from Porto defender, Bruno Alves allowed Rooney to equalise the score. Tevez come on as substitute at 69th minutes score the second goal for Manchester United after receive a pass from Rooney at 85th minutes. 4 minutes later, Manchester United dropped from heaven to hell as Mariano was unmarked by defender and score the precious equaliser. Both team GK should credit as they make a lot of save during the match.
Manchester United v Porto

Defending champion, Manchester United now facing problem when they visit Porto for the second leg. They must win the game or held draw with 3 goal and above if they want to defend their title.


Arsenal are in comfort zone as they have a precious away goal through Edebayor at 66th minutes. The Gunner may through to semi final if they were held goal less draw or win the second leg at Emirates Stadium.
Villarreal v Arsenal

Politic: Tri-election result

Pakatan Rakyat 2-1 Barisan National

Batang Ai:
Barisan National retained the Batang Ai state seat after it candidate, Malcolm Mussen Lamoh beat Jawah Gerang with a 1854-vote majority. Malcolm Mussen Lamoh have 3907 votes while Jawah Gerang have 2053 votes only.

Bukit Gantang:
PAS retains the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary seat after its candidate, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin won the by-election by a 2,789 majority vote. Mohammad Nizar polled 21,860 votes while BN candidate Ismail Saffian (19,071) and independent Kamarul Ramizu Idris (62).

Bukit Selambau:
Parti Keadilan Rakyat retains the Bukit Selambau state seat after its candidate S. Manikumar won the by-election, beating Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk S. Ganesan and 13 independent candidates by a 2,403-vote majority. All independent lose their deposits.

The by election result is taken from

Issue: No more April Fool, only Malaysian Fool ?!? (part 1)

1st April has past. Have you fooled by your friends? But in Malaysia, we have our own unique Malaysian Fool.

Malaysia is petroleum producer nation

but the petrol price

compare to other petroleum production country

And he

compare out petrol price with

but he didn't compare GDP per capital

with our GDP per capital

whenever he announced increase the petrol price




increase their price because they said the cost increase
when he announced decrease petrol price

this said: Electricity produced using charcoal,so petroleum price decrease didn't effect the cost much
this said: the decrease did not effect the cost much, so we maintain the price

this said: the petroleum cost decrease but the maintanence cost increase, so we maintain the price

and this

and this

and this

did this

So, April Fool is nothing special to Malaysian as we have our own Malaysian Fool.

Sport: Is Jenson Button and Brawn-Mercedes again.

Jenson Button won his second consecutive F1 tittle this season at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. The race was abandoned at 31st lap when a storm lashed the Sepang Circuit. Nick Heidfield came in second place and Timo Glock came in third place. Last year driver champion, Lewis Hamilton managed to get in seventh place.

Politic: RAHMAN factor for Malaysia Prime Minister?

Datuk Seri Najib was sworn in as Malaysia's sixth prime minister, taking over from Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmand. Datuk Seri Najib signing his letter of appointment(image taken from

"RAHMAN" factor play an important role in choosing Malaysia Prime Minister? What is "RAHMAN" factor?

a) First Malaysia Prime Minister (1957-1970)- Tunku Abdul Rahman

b) Second Malaysia Prime Minister (1970-1976)- Tun Abdul Razak

c) Third Malaysia Prime Minister (1976-1981)- Tun Hussein Onn

d) Fourth Malaysia Prime Minister (1981-2003)- Tun Mahathir

e) Fifth Malaysia Prime Minister (2003-2009)- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

f) Sixth Malaysia Prime Minister (2009)- Datuk Seri Najib

From above, we can see that each of the Prime Minister first alphabet of their name can be combine and form a word: "RAHMAN". Is this just coincidence or is fate??

Politic: Malaysia 6th Prime Minister

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expect himself to be sworm this Friday, 3rd April as Malaysia 6th Prime Minister.

He and outgoing Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah will meet Malaysia Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin on this friday. Dato' Seri Abdullah will tender his resignation during that meeting.

Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi served as Prime Minister since 2003. During the timelime, Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi contributed a lot to our nation. Despite global economic crisis, Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi and his team have maintained the Malaysia economic and reduced the effect of the crisis.

Once again, thank you to our hero, Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi for his contribution to our nation.!!! May our nation continue grow, Malaysia more unite and MALAYSIA BOLEH when under the 6th Prime Minister!!