Sport: Rooney Aggression

Last week, a poll with the question: Should Rooney red carded during match Man Utd against Fulham. The result of the poll:


Rooney stated that aggression is part of his football game. If he chooose to curb his natural aggression. he would change to a different player in the picth.

Aggression play an important part in during a game. Aggression allow a player to show their 100% performance because it show the player desire to play and to win.

I am a person with aggression too when i play football, soccer, futsal, handball and basketball. I alway give my best performance when i on the pitch. And of cause, poor performance by me or my team normally push me into desperate mode and hence stimulate me to perform better.

I think Rooney should be red carded but he should not change the aggression attitude as it play an important role for a player. Rooney Rooney GO!! GO!! GO!!
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  1. B_T Says:

    roneey is da best...