Sport: English Premier League Title race is back on

Two week ago, defending champion, Manchester United leading second and third place, Chelsea and Liverpool rescpectively 7 points with 1 game on hand. The Red Devils looking forward for their 18th Premier League crown with the huge lead with 10 games remaining. But all of this change within two weeks time.

14th May, 2009: At 22nd minutes, Park fouled by Reina and a penalty was awarded. Ronaldo took it confidently and scored. Man Utd look like going to bag 3 points but a rare mistake by Vidic 4minutes later which allowed Torres to equalised has changed the match rythm. Gerard scored a penalty and Aurelio scored a fantastic free kick before Dossena scored the fourth. Manchester United humiliated by Liverpool at Old Trafford, 1-4 and Vidic was sent off by foul Steven Gerald. Red Devil fans think: nevermind, Man Utd still leading 4 points with 1 game on hand. Man Utd can afford to drop some points.

21st March, 2009: Red Devil opponent is Fulham, at team which they beaten in FA cup fortnight ago by 4-0. Man Utd look like can bounce back from 1-4 defeat. But gol from Murphy and Gera, fantastic performance by Schwarzer and two red card to Scholes and Rooney caused Man Utd to take second consecutive loss. And Liverpool cut the lead to 1 point and a game on hand.

I am Red Devil died hard fans. Even though Man Utd is leading 1 point and with a game on hand, but i think the pressure is on Man Utd instead of Liverpool. Have you heard of this statement: the higher you climb, the more pain you suffer when you fall down. Man Utd confidence is very high before they meet against Liverpool where they lose 1-4. After that match, Man Utd morale was bad after the match. When they against Fulham, they just cant play with their normal way until Rooney came into the pitch in second half. Their defender still thinking of their mistake make during against Liverpool. But Rooney stupidness leaded him to second yellow card and sent off by referee.

5th April, 2009: Is my birthday. Is decisive game for Red Devil!! Man Utd against Aston Villa at Old Trafford. Both team are humiliated by Liverpool 1-4 and 0-5. Can Man Utd win without Rooney, Scholes and Vidic or Man Utd suffer their 3rd consective lose. All the result will know after the match!!
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