Issue: The dungeon evil-Josef Fritzl

On 29 August 1984, a 18 years old teenager, went missing and only leave a letter to their parent. In the letter, she stated that she was trying to staying with her friend and was tired of living with her family. Furthemore, she also warning her parent not to look after her or she will leave the country. After the teenager missing, her parent have filed a missing person report. Her father stated to police that she had most likely joined a religious sect. 24 years later, she was founded being prisoned by her father in a dungeon under their house. During the 24 years period, her father had physically assaulted, sexually abused and raped her numerous rimes. The incestuous relationship forced upon by her father had resulted in the birth of seven children and one of the babies died a few days later as a result of neglect, and Fritzl removed the infant’s body and incinerated it in an oven.

Huh?? what story is this? Latest big movie by Lee Ang after Lust Caution(色戒)?? Or maybe is the coming soon Hollywood Movie. For those who got read newspaper, you must be thinking the only one man, Josef Fritzl instead of thinking this is an movie or drama story.

Even if this is really a movie or drama story, it may be over in the sense of moral value or human right. But, the dungeon evil, Josef Fritzl had done all of this to his DAUGHTER, Elisabeth Fritzl for 24 YEARS!!! 24 YEARS!!! Repeating physically assaulted, sexually abused and raped by own father and resulted in birth of seven children. What should these children call Josef Fritzl? Father? Their mum call him as father and the mum children call their mum father as father also? Grandfather? But they are created by Josef Fritzl sperm. OMG!!! What the heck on earth is going on. Maybe I can give some suggestion. They should call Josef Fritzl as EVIL, PSYCHO because I can't think of other word to describe him anymore.

Out of seven children, three children: Lisa, Monika and Alexander were removed from dungeon and live with Josef Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie. Three of them are "left" outside of the family home by Elisabeth Fritzl along with a note or phone call to ask Josef Fritzl and his wife to take care the children. Actually all thing were plan by Josef Fritzl

Kerstin, Elisabeth's eldest daughter who fell unconsious has lead to the discovery of the dungeon horror. Kerstin was taken by ambulance to local hospital and admitted in serious condition with life threatening kidney failure. Josef Fritzl later arrived at the hospital claiming to have found a note written by Elisabeth and discussed Kerstin's condition and the note with the doctor. Medical staff is confused to the story told by Josef Fritzl and alerted police on 21, April, who then broadcast an appeal via public media for the missing mother to come forwatd and provide additional information about Kerstin's medical history.

On 26, April 2008, Josef Fritzl released Elisabeth and her sons Stefan and Felix from dungeon. Josef Fritzl told his wife that Elisabeth had decided to come back after missing for 24years. Josef Fritzl and Elisabeth went to hospital where Kerstin was being treated on 26, April. Police has detained Josef Fritzl and Elisabeth for further interrogation. Elisabeth told the story of her 24 years in captivity after she was reassured that she will be safe from her father and her children will be looked after.

Josef Fritzl is charge for murder, incest, rape, sequestration, grievous assault and enslavement.
Initially, he had pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder and enslavement, but on 18, March 2009, Wednesday, Fritzl changed his plea to guilty on all counts and faces a life sentence.

Do you think Josef Fritzl should be sentence for jail only??
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