Education: After SPM and STPM

March, a special month which i think most of the ex-student either are wating. Ex-student? What so special in march? Haha..march is the month where all the ex-Form 5 student will get their either SPM result or STPM result(Form 6). Some are happy bout their result but some are act opposite to happy due to unsatisfed result.

After getting result, the next thing come to their mind: what course should i take? I think most of the student is lost when come to this question.

Why they are lost?
1. I have no idea which course should i choose:
I think this is the problem most student facing. You can take a piece of paper, write all your interest in the paper. Conduct a survey with your family to know more about yourself. From the result of the analysis, choose the best course that meet most of your interest.

2. Yes!!I choosed the course i want. But, which college or university should i go?
Again, take out a piece of paper, list down all the college/university that offered the course you wanted. From the paper, start doing research on those college/university based on their reputation, whether the subject approved by MQA or not, their campus environment. Eliminate all the college or university that does not meet the requirement.

3. Gosh, I do not have the money to paid the fee and bil.
In fact, this is the most common problemface by student and most of student put this category at first. But at the end, they regretted for choosing the unwanted course. Several way could settle the financial problem which include scholarship, sponsorship, PTPTN loan, working part time while you study.

Hopefully student will get out from the lost.
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