Biz: How to Earn pocket money by reading mails only

hi... do you wish to earn extra pocket money?? If you do, then i have an interesting website want to share to you. This website call Email Cash Pro. EmailCashPro is the FIRST Get Paid To Read Emails Site in Singapore and is now expanding its reach to Malaysia, Philippines US, UK, Australia and other parts of the world. This website use the principal of view email and you are get paid. You may check out this article from well known newspaper in Singapore, the sunday times dated April 22,2007:
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How it work:
1. Sign up as member for free. (Click here to sign up)
(*note::only alphabet and number is allow in the nickname collum. symbol or blank will result in fail to register)

2. You will receive email from Email Cash Pro.

3. View the paid link for more than 30seconds and earn 1 point.

4. Refer to your friend to earn extra bonus point:
i) level 1- 50% of their points
ii) level 2- 20% of their points
iii) level 3- 15% of their points
iv) level 4- 10% of their points
v) level 5- 5% of their points( this level will activate when you have 20 level 1 friends)

5. Each point will convert to around 0.5-0.7 sen(most important is the money is count in singapore dollar).

6. Cash out you money when you accumulated 11 dollar(cheque) or 10 dollar(PayPal).

7. When you have 20 level 1 friend, you will automatic upgrade to gold member and can get 5 dollar as bonus and extra level 5 fren bonus.

8. Email Cash Pro will send to money to you via PayPal or cheque upon your request.

Haha..i think you will start laughing..what a crap. No free lunch in the world. ok. Let define the use of advertisement: spread news to let people know the existing of the product advertised. So, we will view the adverstisement and maybe we recommend to advertisement to our friend. So, we are actually helping Email Cash Pro to promote their advertisement and through all the hard work, we earn 1 points. And Email Cash Pro share some of the advertisement fee with their member based on the point. Do you think we get free lunch??

I am trying to hit gold member (20 level 1 referral). Please support me.
Thank you in advance!!!!!!
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