Review of 2009

Today is last day of 2009
Now, left few more hours only before we enter a new year

New year countdown?
No..I am not going to join my friend to any countdown event
Because it is quite boring and I feel very tired and exhausted...
So, I rather stay at home and do my 2009 review...=)

What I had did?
How do I feel?

I started year 2009 by working at TT and I resign on 15th Jan..
Supposingly 31st Dec 2008 is my last day in TT but the previous manager requested me to stay and help him until 15th Jan, so I accepted his request...

Then my Y1S2 degree started from Jan until May...
And I would said this period of time was my lowest point of my life(so far)..
Frustrate with my study
Moodless to study
Cool war with my housemate due to some miscommunication problem
Got lowest point ever of GPA in my uni result

Then come to my Y1S2 semester break
I had 4 days 3 night penang trip with my Uni friend....
Threw away all my frustration, my pressure and my problem

Then my Y2S1 started...
I am totally woke up
I changed to another person the result...I got myself in Dean List for this semester..=)
Special thank to my parent who never scold me for my bad result and make me feel super guilty...

Then semester break started
I applied for 2 subjects in short semester, but brilliant UTAR canceled it
So, I got 3 months break!!!
Worked as part time 'waiter' in TT during this break

So, basically this is the main thing happened in 2009

This is life
It has low point, It has high point
It consist of positive and negative thing
No matter how, we still continue our life
Because each challenge will make us more stronger, more tougher

Nonit afraid of falling down in our life,
But we must know how to stand up when we fall down,
When we stand up, we are one step nearer to success

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!...=)

29th Dec 2009

29th Dec 2009,
2 days away from a new year, 2010
This also mean that my 3 months semester break going to end soon
which left 19 days

So, how was my holiday plan progress?
Hmm...I would said so far I manage to complete 50% of my holiday plan only

How about my another 50%? Failed?
Maybe I should not call it as a failure because I never try to initiate it..
Reason? I could give myself thousand of reason but will it really useful?
Reason just a way to cover up my failure and a lie to myself
But during this period, this 50% is really confuse me
What is the purpose of this 50%

Maybe I should reshuffle my mind and think again what is the purpose of this 50%
Just to show off?
Just to satisfy my self-esteem?
Just to prove something?
Or because it is my favourite?

But if I really can carry out this 50%
Then my holiday plan is 100% successfully complete

I really can show off to other,
I really proud of myself
I prove that I can do it even though I still young

Is time for me to take further step in my life
Maybe I can do it

Merry Christmas

Late Christmas wish from me to all of you


Busy working for the last 2 days

Christmas day:
Started work from 9.30am to 3pm for morning shift
And the night shift is 5.40pm to 12am
But I reached home around 2am because I and other part time went to supper and I need to fetch them home as well
After rest for a while, then I work again..?!? again...because the stupid Christmas light is too old already, so the wire became very fragile
Finish repair the light around 3am and went to sleep at 4 am

26th Dec:
Woke up at 7.45am
8.30am went to 'Number 1' and took my breakfast with Che How
9.10am start to repair the main Christmas light
I and Che How straight away continue work until 11.30pm
again, 2am only reached house because went to supper
3am only slept

And today woke up at 6.45am to play basketball
Totally in half asleep and half awake condition
Really want to good night ad

Tired and Busy Christmas Eve

Today is 24th Dec, is Christmas Eve
Anything special during Christmas Eve?
Well....other than 'busy' and 'tired', i can't really find any other word to describe today

Today I slept for 1 and a half hour only
Yesterday 2 something I went to bed and want to sleep already
But my brain keep on thinking something else
So I drag till 5am only sleep..
And I woke up at 6.35am because I already invited some friend to butterfly park and play basketball

In the afternoon, I and ah loy went to JJ to settle something
Beside that, I wanted to buy a christmas present as well
Actually this is my main motive of come to JJ...hehehe
I brought the present already
But how I want to give the present to her on tomorrow?
Erm...maybe nonit think so much...
Let it be nature...

In the night, I went to a temple with my brother at Bukit Kuda

I cant find a single space for me to take a short nap
Just too busy..
Today is not the end of my busy yet because my schedule for this few days are full

Very tired ah.....!!!!!!!!!
Need to improve my time management skill ad....
Else 24 hours per day and 7 days per week is not enough for me








Whenever I do anything, I alway tell myself: never repeat the mistake twice
First mistake, I alway forgive myself for the first mistake
Because we are human, learning process will never stop
Everyday we learn new thing
So, it was nothing wrong when we did some mistake on our first attempt
We learn from it and avoid same mistake in our further attempt

But duno why, everytime I repeat the same mistake in the same thing
Influence by the uncle?
Influence by parent?
Should I blame them, or I am the only person to blame for this mistake?


My brain is fragmented
I want to defragment it!!

TT working experience 2

As usual, yesterday I went to work at TT Klang
It was a wedding function
And I partner with a 'cha ko' and wei jun, take care 7 tables..
It was second times I partner with both of them

I just can't understand,
Whether I am a noob, my teaching style got problem, or the 'cha ko' is brainless ( really sorry to said that he is brainless )
That fellow is HOPELESS...
Lazy, unwilling to learn, show emotional face and attitude when I teach or point out his mistake, alway do something at wrong time...
Even his younger brother also better than him 100000 times...

Is there anyway I can save this young 15 years old guy?
I just have no idea at all
I tried my best, and still finding some other ways
Every people has different potential
I must use more patience, patience and patience

On the other hand, let said something about wei jun
The first impression he gave me was very bad..
Remembered the first time I partnered with him
We take care 5 tables
And for no reason, he just keep on disappear
So I scolded him
I never scold people and he became the very first person who I really scold after work at TT for so long
Maybe he should be proud of it..XD

And yesterday, I found out he was the type of worker who TT seriously lack of...
Beside that, there are other two part time who also caught my attention
They are raw and unpolish gem
They can be god-god successor after those god-god 'retired' but with a condition: they must partner with god-god during function or working time

Raw and unpolish gem, please behave,
god-god don have much time to polish you all, take care you all ad....
Appreciate the time left

TT working experience

Tired...really tired..
Every weekend also exhausted
Every weekend need to OT
Everytime need to bao ka liao

When teach them thing, they will said: Last time when I work, I nonit to do this and that....

When ask them: you know this and that onot, they will answer: ya ya, i know this, i know that...but at the end I will become -.-"

When I am unlucky, partner with some noob waiter/waitress, then I really need to become GOD, from 1 people take care 2-3 table become 1 people take care >5 table..
Thing become worse when table surround my working area also noob...

We are not god, we are just normal human....
Just that we are willing to work and try, never give up and said no
And we know time is always constrain, so we work faster
And we learn while we working, not complain while we working
And we complain after we finish our work, but start another new day with zero complain

9th Dec 2009

Yesterday wore new basketball shoe...^.^
Maybe the shoe is still new, so the insole is quite hard..
So, my movement was not so flexible

I need some time

To rediscover my shooting
To rediscover my fitness
To rediscover my ball feeling

Give me some time

New Basketball shoe

Is Aeon Bukit Tinggi J-Card Day
And I bought a new pair of basketball shoe..=)

Same brand with my previous shoe, Admiral
But different design and colour
size 10, which is extremely fit my leg

But temporary I don have time to wear the new shoe...
Because I'm just too busy
Give me some time, my new shoe

38 degree celcius

38 degree celcius since saturday

I still can work normally at TT klang on saturday and sunday
Saturday worked around 12 hours
Sunday worked around 13 hours

I still can eat normally
I ate nasi lemak, I ate roti canai, I ate mee goreng, I ate rice

Am i really fever?

RIP, my basketball shoe dear basketball shoe
You have served me for 1 year
Accompany me whenever I play basketball

Last month, you pass away peacefully
I would like to said: Thank you
Maybe the relationship between my shoe and form are just too strong
My form is very down since the death of my shoe

I can't wait for tomorrow
As I'm going to buy a new shoe..=)

RIP, my shoe
My form, don't be too sad, as new generation of shoe is coming...

Back to TT Klang

Remembered the last day I worked at Tai Thong Klang is the 7th day of 2009 Chinese New Year
And last Saturday, I'm back to Tai Thong Klang and work as part time waiter
In this 10 months time, Tai Thong Klang went through a lot of changes
But the main changes is Tai Thong has new manager

I knew Tai Thong has changed their manager since few months ago but last Saturday was the first time I meet the new manager
The new manager is very strict with very high discipline
Good...That Good


11/11, 对吧生滨海林氏公会来说是一个很重要的日子

好听一点,就是去帮忙筹备晚宴, 难听一点,就是做苦力

nothing I can do ad

yes, 八点了,宴会开始了









Time flies
Is November already..
As I enjoying my semester break since october
And left 2 more months before my new semester start

Stay in house instead of do a part time job
Just feel like want to rest myself in this 3 months semester break

Started the November with immune system disorder aka allergic
Pain and itchy consistently attack me....

Last Saturday function was the cause of my allergic
I knew I got allergic to liquor, but liquor is the one of the main player when come to social
Initially I plan to drank a glass of Cordon Bleu only
Manatau my uncle and parent friends keep on come and 'attack' me
What to do, they want to 'bully' me, so I have to drink
Somemore the Cordon Bleu is dammm nice, very smooth
So, Over limit, Extra suffer

Still got few function in coming few weeks....
I need to drink more liquor
Nonit scare of itchy or pain
Everything will be fine when my body used to the liquor
My uncle taught me this theory

A boring, useless but important interview

Haha..finally done the boring, useless but very important interview..?!?

Boring-Because I answered the only question the officer asked me. It was a group interview which consist of 5 students. We sat at a round table and I sat beside the officer. So when the officer ask question, he just look in front only, so only the student in front of him answer the question only...hahaha.....

Important-Because it is Civil Engineering LAN accreditation interview. UTAR are seeking the Civil Engineering accreditation from government. Once Civil Engineering got the accreditation, which mean Civil Engineering is recognize by government, Civil Engineering graduate can register with Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) without taking the exam. After register with BEM, we can go further by register with Institution of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) and become Ir. (Professional Engineer) once we complete the 60 credit hours.

Useless- Because we are taught to 'cheat' or act in front of the officer. Our task is said all the good thing about UTAR which include the course structure, lecturer, laboratory, canteen and etc....

The interview finished in less than 15 minutes... Lucky the officer interview our group is very lenient and asked little question...and most important is he just look in front only..XD...

Hope UTAR can get the accreditation..

CI LAN accreditation interview

I am holidaying
But tomorrow need to go back to school
Not because I am hardworking
Because I am one of 36 students which force to attend the CI LAN accreditation interview
It is a very important interview as UTAR are seeking the LAN accreditation for Civil Engineering course...
And this LAN aka MQA accreditation is important for CI student also

Need to study and memorize the Program Educational Objective (PEO) and Program Outcome (PO)
but my brain is on holiday
My mood is on holiday
How to sit down and concentrate study lah..~~
So I procrastinate the study until today, a day before the interview...hehe

Not only study, I also need to ACT and LIE
Tomorrow need to TALK GOOD THING about UTAR in front of the officer
FORCE TO said: "UTAR is the best, the lecturer is the best, the facilities is the best, the lab is the best and everything is the best..."
Blow as big as we can..

Hopefully the officer won't ask me the question that I don't know how to answer...
All the best to myself...


These are some figure which I would like to achieve:




找份 part time 来打发时间

从Form 1 到 Form 3 的假期, 就已经到外公的脚车店帮忙

Form 4 那年的假期,在妈妈的朋友介绍下
我去了 Jusco 当了 Promote, 卖Carlton牌子的校鞋

Form 5 毕业后,又开始在 Jusco 工作了
Carlton 的 Supervisor 有打给我, 叫我去帮忙他
从Carlton ,到 Applemint,VJ,Kikilala, Precious

去年的3个月假期,去了大同酒家当 waiter


但是现在对我来说,做什么part time 也是在浪费我的时间
因为那天外公对我说,工程师最总要的是 PRACTICAL

想想下,我今年已经Year 2 了,
明年是industrial training, 后年是 FYP了
所以我应该去Kuantan, 在我的姨丈的建筑公司学习,学习些经验



I started to sleep since I finished my exam,
And until today, I still sleeping.

My mum keep on wake me up,
But I refuse,
And I continue sleep

Someone woke up me,
I woke up,
But was in half awake, half sleeping condition.

I was blur
I was thinking
Should I continue sleep
Or should I wake up

Somebody, please wake me up!!

I miss my football life

I miss my boot
I miss football
I miss the field
I miss Man Utd

My poor football boot
Which is full of dust or maybe is rust ad
I never wear it since I graduated from secondary school (3 years)
My boot, I am sorry...

I miss the goalkeeper position..
Standing in front of goal post, waiting opponent to shot the the ball
Agility, dare to dive, dare to die
When I am on fire, nobody can beat me
But when I am off fire, everybody can beat me easily

I miss the defender position..
whenever the ball come near to me
Block all the opponent attack
Clear the ball, pass the ball

I miss the midfield position..
Short passes, long passes, crossing
Assist striker to score goals

I miss the striker position..
Shot the ball and score goals

When can I find find back all this wonderful memories?

Wanted to play
But no kaki to play football
Every people are studying
Only me holiday...


This saturday, Man Utd VS Bolton
Yes!! Can watch ad
Call some friend, go Modern, order Teh O Ais+Cheese Naan


Facebook, I am in....

finally, today I create a facebook account
Due to my friend completed my facebook challenge: 1 month don't sign in facebook
So, I have to sign up..
I really unexpect Lek Mon managed to pass the challenge
But, if his laptop didn't spoilt, I think he won't pass the challenge

Lucky now I am holidaying for 3 months..
So now problem if I really get addicted
But when new semester start..
Must, must, must control myself...
Latest promise to myself....







So many thing happened in this few days

haha...I am back to my hometown, Klang on wednesday..
But so many thing happened since wednesday..

Padang hit by earthquake not once, but twice
Somoa hit by tsunami
Malaysia hit by earthquake aftershock and I missed the earthquake experience again
Then my father masuk hospital..(injured by structure collapse?)
Nolah...'old friend' aka uric acid come and visit my father
Maybe I should force my father to jogging
Then today is Mooncake festival..(eat mooncake already?)
and tomorrow is my cousin Wedding day..

For those who want to contribute some help to the Padang disaster:

The CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund has been set up to help those affected by the devastating earthquake.

Public could make their donation via cheque or online banking:

Payee name: CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund

Account numbers:
1408 1206 6620 56 (CIMB Bank)
1404 0000 4891 03 (CIMB Islamic)

Life is short and full of challenge
Stay strong and challenge the challenge

Expire date: 29 Sept 2009

Yeah...29 Sept 2009, 11am passed..

It is expire date for my exam period for this semester..
It is expire date for my Year 2 Semester 1...
It is expire date for no Man Utd game promise..

5 days of exam, used 1 month to prepare...
Really suffered..
Everyday only study study and study..
but is worthy..when the result is out that time..

And for the very first time in my life..
I study until my finger super PAIN due to holding the pen and
Write..write..write...for consecutive daysssss...
This is something I never thought of..
I am so hardworking and crazy too...XD

My last paper, Hydrology lah..
2600++ slides and a 300 pages text book..
Siao 1 loh..
somemore need to finis it in 3 days...
So now I duno today is Monday or tuesday??
Coz I remember I woke up at 28 Sept, Monday, 7.30am
And until now, 29 Sept, Tuesday, 1.00pm
I haven't sleep...zZz....

Strongly satisfy with my hardworking, my determination during this exam period..
"Well done to myself"!!

Sayonara...Year 2 Semester 1..
I enjoyed this semester very much..

Thank you to all my lecturer and tutor for the teaching for this semester..

3 months HOLIDAY is officially start from now....

"flexi" System

haha..I am officially announce: I going to have 3 months break!!..
I planned my this 3 months break since the last semester break, but still duno whether I can implement it or not..

Just little bit disappointed to the UTAR so called 'flexi' system. When we register the subject, they cancel it for us. When we register extra subject, they cancel it for us. Reason: the subject is not in our course structure for that semester or we reserve the course for XXX course only. UTAR ask us to follow the course structure only.

Furthermore, the place offered is very limited and it based on first come first serve basis. So, student have to wake up early and fight for a place. When we managed to register, they just cancel it and reserved for other course? And those who fail to register, can go to office, argue, fill some form. Then UTAR kick those online registration student and give their place to those who went to office and argue one..


Then 'flexi' system is for what? Just a name to show that UTAR very high tech, must online register subject? 'Flexi' system has it pro and cons, but if the 'flexi' is not flexi, then it is totally cons.

Fair? Unfair?

I don't mind my registration being cancel as I still got my original plan. But UTAR will paid the price for this unfair incident in future.

I am 20 years old, my life experience is still little, but from what I had seen, what I had gone so far, I can conclude that:

In short run, it is alway unfair
In long run, it is alway fair

This conclusion apply to everything.

My unit registration for short sem cancel?

2 days before my fourth exam, Survey II
Theoretically I should study very hard
Practically I relax very hard instead of study..XD..
Maybe Survey II is easy for me... :p I relax only...
This few days I overstudy find some reason and lie to myself to relax...

But my final paper will be tough, Hydrology...really must piah again..
All my classmate are asking each other how to study Hydrology...
Haha..maybe nonit worry so much, just study, give our best
that is the only thing we could do..

After my final paper is my holiday...
How long is my holiday?
3 weeks or 3 months..
I also not so sure..
because I registered 2 subject for my short semester...
But now UTAR cancel my registration...

Initially I plan not to take short sem because I planned my 3 months holiday ad..
Then I registered for short sem to ease my burden for the following sem..
But now the registration cancel... this mean I can do my thing..?

haha..don't care so much..
If UTAR re-accept my registration, then I study short sem loh...
If UTAR really cancel my registration, then I follow my initial planning loh..
UTAR system is flexible, my system also flexible..

Super Tired

Super super super tired..
Plus a little bit of stress...
This few days just keep on study and do revision only...
But it is worthy when my result out that time..

Left 2 subjects, duno still can tahan onot..
can't tahan also must tahan..
Still thinking how to revise Hydrology

How to study Hydrology? The main question asking by all the student in the class which include me..

haha..don't care so much lah..go sleep first...
restore all my energy...

Tomorrow wake up and piah again...


Getting crazy!!

This is my daily routine, which will continue until 29th Sept 2009

Wake up at the morning, surf net, check mail,
then start the war
Study, study and study....
Write, write and write...
Revise, revise and revise...
Just want to walk out from the exam hall confidently and smile..

Stressing....but I think it is worth when the result is out..

Home is alway the to GK
When stressing, can drink jasmine!
When stressing, can open Yiruma song!
When stressing, can jogging at the nearby park!
When stressing, can close my eye, lying on the chair and relax my mind!
When stressing, mum will bring food and drink to me!..^.^

At GK, no jasmine, no jogging, no mum, no lying on the chair, can't open Yiruma song at optimum volume...
Even though stressing, but it going to end soon..hahaha...
8 more days only...

Sunday Raya

Today is Hari Raya....

Previously, I will follow my dad to his muslim friend house to celebrate Raya on this day. But this year will be difference. Because I decided to stay at Genting Klang and prepare for my coming exam instead of go back Klang and celebrate Raya..

And today is a derby match between Manchester United and Manchester City. This match is the 6th game for Man Utd in this new 2009/10 season. As a Manchester United loyal die hard fans, it is really a miracle as I'm yet to watch any Man Utd live game..haha..

I am very happy instead of sad..^.^..because I still keeping my promise: no Man Utd for this semester.
Bertaubat..bertaubat...keep my promise, keep my hope, keep my target...
The expiry date for this promise is 29th Sept 2009, 11am..hooray...the day is coming very soon...

So, at the end, Man Utd won the game, 4-3. It was a great game, but I will not regret for choosing not to watch the game as I doesn't want to said:" Shit..I should not watch Man Utd game on Sunday night. I should spend the time on my study" on this Wednesday after exam....

Yea..wise come first.. EPL ..every year also got lah.... nonit so crazy about live match... can watch the highlight on the next day in internet...

Before I sleep, I would like to wish everybody:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Good Night.....zZz...

Result of overstudy in Structural Analysis

Exam-Structural Analysis, ,19/9/09, 2pm
To show that I really study hard in my Structural Analysis:

Chapter 6,7:
-study hard + revise hard + prepare hard + asking myself why like this, why like that = force increasing (critical force, Pcr)
-critical stress = Pcr divide by brain area (constant)
-so critical stress > yield stress, my brain in plastic mode (danger)
-lucky got viwawa + favourite tea, jasmine + jogging + basketball + Yiruma = -Pcr
-so critical stress < yield stress, my brain in elastic mode, working optimum

Chapter 1, 2, 3:
-Design load of my brain = 1.4 (force) + 1.6 (brain)
-Design load x length of my brain = maximum load can be sustain by my brain
-Apply the optimum critical load on my brain, this optimum critical load support by my neuron-neuron which worked as the cable and beam
-Calculate the tension or compression of my neuron-neuron

Chapter 4:
-Consider work done of my neuron-neuron are in equilibrium state, work done = 0, find out the angle between neuron or reaction of the neuron

Chapter 5:
-Draw the shear force diagram and bending moment diagram of my neuron-neuron to analyze the shear force and bending moment of the neuron at any length of the neuron.

Brain VS Stress

Exam period..Busy doing my revision..
Next exam is Structural Analysis, which is on this Saturday..
Enjoy revise my note, but really on fire when doing the tutorial..
Because I did the tutorial in short period of time before..
But this time I need so long time to answer the same tutorial question..
And did some stupid careless mistake ALSO..

And the relationship between stress and brain can be explain in a Graph Brain Against Stress

At zero stress level, brain is working at normal level and brain work best at optimum stress level(OSL). The level of OSL are vary on every people.

When the stress level pass the critical stress level (CRL), the brain of the person start work below normal. At this stage, people start to give up, angry easily, can't think in rational. During this stage, we should try to release some stress instead of continue increase the stress. And if the stress level continue goes up, then, the fellow will become ABNORMAL aka CRAZY.

So, do revision is important,
Stress is important but don't overstress
Release your stress at the right time.

Huge Relief

hahaha...very very very huge RELIEF...

My left side of chest is pain for no reason
And the pain persist until now
It is already more than 10 days

I am very concern about this pain, because the pain is located around my heart
And according to my family medical history, my grandmother and grandfather has health problem related to their heart..
I don't want that, that's why jogging and sport is part of my life

So am I inherited the genetic?
Or my lung got problem?

Why will my left chest pain?
This is the result after 10 days of self observation:

I checked my heart beat everyday since the pain started
normal figure, 60 bpm, so my heart is OK!! haha...

I don't have coughing or any respiration problem
So my lung is OK too!! haha..

Actually is the muscle or the saraf under my torax injured due to carried too heavy load.. So, as long as I got enough rest, don't let my left hand and shoulder do too much of movement, it will be cure faster..


911 Exam

haha..few hours before my first exam start.. Doing my last preparation.. and managed to steal some time out to blog and wish all my friend...




考试就快到了,剩下两天就是第一张考试,Fluid Mechanic 1,
幸好是open book exam, 所以还蛮轻松的




8 September

Today wake up at 8.20am..super early compare to past few day..
I wish to sleep longer..but..I need to settle the flexible timetable for the up coming short semester
Lucky I wake up early, because 15 minutes after registration open, all the course are full..
hehe..registered pengajian malaysia and pendidikan moral..

Tomorrow going back to genting klang!!
Can eat my favourite 'Loh Mee' at the Old Buddy shop..
hahahahahaha..1 week never eat ad since I went back to Klang..
The 'Loh Mee' is very delicious...
everytime I go Old Buddy to eat dinner or lunch, I 95% will order 'Loh Mee'..

Something wrong to my HEALTH?
My instinct is correct?
Is the fate that I can't escape?
I DONWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Charmaine

September, is a busy month for every student
Primary school student, secondary school student, Tertiary level student
All busy talking about exam, exam and exam

Aiyo, why exam lah...
Aiyo, I haven't study lah..
Aiyo, stress lah
Aiyo, why I should study this boring subject lah..
Blah..blah..blah..aiyo this, aiyo that..
All of these are common quote which we can heard from every student during exam festival

Then let rewind back when we are 4 years old kid that time
What we did when we are 4 years old?
Playing, crying for toy, like to eat candy, junk food, drink soft drink, no need worry about study or exam, cartoon, learn ABC..
Every people roughly share the same childhood.

But..the little Princess Charmaine is totally different from our childhood.
Who is Charmaine?
She don't know me, I yesterday only know her from her blog and we have same surname: LIM.
This is Charmaine picture..Kawaii right..suddenly got the feel want to hug her and kiss her?XD
(image source:

Charmaine is a 4 years old kid living in Singapore. Her full name is Charmaine Lim Fan Xi. A cute 4 years old kid should having her own 4 years old kid lifestyle like other children.

But, the god decide to give her a test as early as this stage. Charmaine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma (cancer). She has 10 to 20% chance of living if she seeks local treatment and 40 to 50% chance of living if she seeks treatment in New York.

With the help and donation from the public, Cynthia, Charmaine mommy managed to collect 350,000 usd and send Charmaine to New York to seeks treatment.

She need to eat medicine like eating candy. She need to take injection daily. She need to go through a series of chemotherapy. She need to go through a series of operation.

Even though Charmaine life was suffer, full of turmoil, but she never give up, she never blame. She show great determination in fighting the war.

"I want to fight the monster in my tummy!". This is what Charmaine told her family during her family conference. She even console her little brother, Jase when Jase ask her why she need to take the injection.

She is only 4 years old, but she show us how strong she is, how tough she is in dealing her test given by the god.


For those who are stress by the exam, don't lose to a kid. Learn from Charmaine, NEVER GIVE UP. Your test is something like piece of cake when compare to Charmaine test.

To know more about Charmaine update, visit her blog by click the banner below, leave some encouragement for her and help her click the ads in her blog too:

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


昨天,就在我温习我的 numerical and statistic 的时候,




Freedom to speak anything

Malaysia is a democratic nation..
Every people has the right to speak anything freely..

So now, I want to speak anything freely in Bahasa Rojak..

1 Malaysia
I tahu what is this
You tahu what is this
Every Malaysian tahu what is this.
Tak kira you are malay ke, chinese ke, indian ke atau singh atau etc,
You are kaum Malaysia

Talk, manyak pandai
Take Action, tak nampak orang pula..

1 Malaysia, DEB should be dimansuhkan
1 Malaysia, no quota system
1 Malaysia, no BN, no PKR, no PAS, only 1 Government
1 Malaysia, BABI boleh diterima oleh malay, tolak ansur sikit lah, no people minta you makan also

Mati loh saya..speak freely somemore, ISA coming to see me soon..Because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan Melayu, menyembunyi keadilan dan melindungi BN dan bukan untuk menahan terrorist or people who will harm the nation.

As long as you talk freely at anytime, anywhere and anything except Malay and BN, then you are safe.

Maybe after 1 Malaysia, then we will have 1 future. We are not allow to talk single word in 1 Future because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan 1 Malaysia.

This is the video in the This is happening in our 'democratic' nation, CAN'T SPEAK FREELY walaupun rakyat ada hak kebebasan untuk bersuara.

If you see the video above, you can get this meaning: "Something wrong to the system and we want to speak it out. We can't out, else ISA will said hi to you"

1 Malaysia, 1 Future


Is September ad..
time pass super fast..

My exam will be held in this month..
Next week is study week ad..
After study week is EXAM..
Maybe will Study hard! Study hard! Study hard!
I promise myself, I promise teacher..
No more last semester history
Promise, Promise, Promise

Erm..other than my examination,
1 special day in september..Unless I got youngster alzheimer, if not really 1 only...XD
Of coz I never forgot
Erm..but duno can make it or not..?

haha..oklah..that all for today..
need to piah my study ad..

When I said it, then I mean it
When I mean it, then I do it
When I do it, then I do the best








Kethes sister birthday present, new C902 went missing in his house..

Who took it?
As long as yesterday who went in the house, they are automatically became suspect..
So, 6 people in the suspect list: 5 housemate and girlfriend..

Is really tough..
This is the tough time for Kethes..
Because the friendship, love and trust between kethes and his housemate and girlfriend are being testing..
As an outsider, I have nothing to said about it..
But as an friend, I will alway support you..correct you if you do mistake..

The only advise to you is don't blinded by friendship, history, love and whatsoever..
Open your mind, open your heart, open your eye..
Seek the justice...
Else you will regret for any wrong decision..

Sometime you think is a loss..but actually is a gain..
Sometime you think is a gain..but actually is a loss..

Is Time

This problem is dragging me for a long period..
Everyday it haunting me...
Every night it haunting me..

Everyday I trying to think the best solution..
Everyday I trying to seek for best solution..
What is best solution?
Best solution is the solution I like?
Best solution is the solution other people like?
Best solution is the solution both party like?
Best solution,does it exit in this world?

I should not be a coward..Keep on find reason to cover my coward..
I should be brave..I should be confidence..

I think is time for me to solve this problem..
No matter what is the result..
Use my brave to accept the failure..
use my confidence to rebuild myself..



Today I am going to write my first mandarin post..why? Because I prefer this post to be written in mandarin..If you don't understand chinese or mandarin, you can goto the language translator on the right hand side of my blog, below the search column.









Me or Other?

Yesterday I saw something during the CI gathering...I saw my original future 2 years...After went home...I used very long time to think bout my future 2 years..

According to my original future 2 years, my life should be very happy...But now my future 2 years changed since last month ago...just that I don't have much time to think bout it until yesterday I saw it..

Should I happy or sad if what I saw is not my future 2 years life? Initially my answer was YES, I will be sad...

But after thinking and thinking and thinking....

My original future 2 years life, should be happy, but it is not create by other people who create my original future 2 years life.. Now, the original future 2 years changed into original future x-year (where x=1,2,3,4,....)...

Instead of hoping other people to create my future, why don't I create the future myself..I should be happy because I can create my future instead on relying on other people..

Can I did it? Can I? Can I?
Maybe I can
I should believe in myself..

AH KONG...teach me how to walk my life journey...I very miss been more than 3 years you leave us.........

Happy Ending

Yeah!! Is the end of the test for this semester after finish the last test, Survey II..
Now left one last practical report, GPS survey to finish up which need to pass up on Thursday..

After survey test, my classmate and I went to Kedai Talipon and celebrate...But not all my classmate went..only 18 of us..

Kedai Talipon? What can we do at there? Something to do with telephone? How can we celebrate some event with telephone?

Haha..actually Kedai Talipon is a buffet steamboat shop..beside buffet steamboat, we also can grill the food...Kedai Talipon offer variety of choice which include... satay chicken, 'char siew', lamb chop, 'bar gua', sosej, prawn, crab, fishball, fruit, jelly, sushi, ice-cream and etc....

All the food is very nice especially the SATAY CHICKEN...superb..brilliant..

With RM21.80++ for adult, you can enjoy all the food..I think the price is quite worthy...

This is our group photo...

Haha..enjoy a little bit of happiness before enter the final stage of this semester..Final Exam..

Work Hard!!

I am lost, where is the exit?

Haiz..whyyyyy! I am lost in the deep forest, cant find a way out from the deep forest..

4 years ago, I entered the forest. Now, I am lost in the deep forest for almost 4 years.. During this 4 years time, I haven make any move in searching the other exit..
Because I am waiting the current exit..

I got the map, I got the compass..
Everytime I make a move, and thought the exit is very near..
But something will stop me to continue move forward..
I am scare..
I am scare not because I scare of the forest..
I am scare because I scare failure.....

I want to get out from the forest, but I hate myself for being so useless, so coward..

I am uselesssssssssssssssssssss...
I am cowarddddddddddddddddddddd...
A useless and coward guy who not dare to make any move and rather continue get lost in the forest and suffer..

As the time continue, the forest continue to grow deeper and deeper..
I know I left little time only..
Before the current exit disappear..
The forest will not stop growing just because of me..

Do I have the braveness to continue this journey?
Do I have the braveness to cope with the failure?

When will I reach the exit?
Or will I die in this forest?

The answer is..

July is 1st July..?!?
Huh?? not 20th August? How come is 1st July..
Correct lah..nothing is 1st July in Chinese calender..
Seventh Month(七月) is very famous month in chinese calender..
Because...the hell door will be open for 1 month..
All the 'friend-friend' will be release from hell...
They are allow to come to this world..
And they have the right to do whatever they like..., this month I need to stay at home during night until next month..
Must go back home before 7pm..
This is to prevent any unwanted incident happen..
Or be the target of 'friend-friend'..
Or to be my parent membebel victim..
I am not superstitious, but I am believe..

Normally the hell door will open on 1st July..
But for this year..all the 'friend-friend' can come to our world as early as on 26th June(16th August), few days before the official date, 1st July..

This is because there is an extra month(闰月) in this year chinese calender..
In ancient time, 1 year consist of 12 months..
But when there is an extra month(润月) in that particular year..
The hell door will open few days earlier before 1st July..
Furthermore, a year which does not have 12months will be a bad year or call 不详年..
That particular year will have more disaster or tragedy compare to normal year..

True? Not true?
Again, I am not superstitious..but I am believe..
Because some incident is really unbelievable and can't explain by any explanation..


Facebook, is a world wide known social website..
Almost every youngster, teenager and adult also own an account in facebook

Facebook is interesting, is heaven..
You can upload photo and share with other, comment people photo, make friend, play games, take quiz, comment quiz and etc.....

Wah..I talk until facebook so interesting, so syiok..
So if you ask me do I own an account in facebook..?
I going to surprise you by the answer: "NO!!, ilek!!, wa boh!!, 我没有!!..

Even today in the class, my senior surprised:"huh, you don't have facebook? walao, you living in which decade.. "
All my friends keep on ask me to open a facebook account..
But until now I still refuse to open...
then they said they will open an account for me, then they pass the password to me..
Haha..too bad, I won't verify the mail verification..haha...
You can't force me unless something important happen... :P

Facebook is too interesting and is very addictive...
Most of the people open facebook because of this reasons..
But this is the main reason I doesn't want to open a facebook..
Brave to open a facebook now and regret in the future...
Heaven can transform into hell in anytime..

To all my friend who are active in facebook,
take this challenge before ask me to open a facebook: don't sign in your facebook in 1 month time..
If you pass the challenge, I straight away open a facebook account..

I will open a facebook account, but definitely is not now unless somebody pass the challenge...

Something more important is waiting me to do rather than use some free time in facebook...

Welcome to anybody who wish to take up the challenge.. :D



Ya!! I changed my blog skin...
I changed this creative and beautiful and nice skin...
Special thankss to Wordpress Template and then converted by Falcon Hive..
If you plan to change your blog skin, you may goto
You can find a lot of beautiful and creative blog skin..

Actually I plan to change my blog skin during my sem break..
Because a lot of time needed to put back all my blog feature..
And I need to edit the html code..

But I changed it today..
This is because my friend keep on complain to me that they can't post comment in my blog...
I also duno why..but everytime I can post comment in my own blog..
If only 1 people can't post comment, then maybe is user problem..
But got too many friend can't post is user problem again??

So I thought I edited the previous blog skin html code too much, so some error occur in the code..
Therefore, I changed the blog skin today..
This time my friend confirm can leave comment ad..
Not because I changed my blog skin..
Is because I close the comment 'word verification'...
Cheww...found this out when I wanted to sleep after changed my blog skin and install the blog feature..

So, to all my friend, you can leave the comment without having the 'word verification' which is the problem before this.. more comments..but don spam lah..

I love the new blog skin so much..
But I not satisfy with the 'search' function..
So, I think I need more time to crack and edit the 'search'..

Fun with Egg X 2

Haha..unexpected.I played egg, not once but twice in a week..

The first time I play the egg in this week was yesterday..
Yesterday was the save the egg competition organized by Utar Engineering Society..
The competition is start at 2.30pm.
But during 2-3.30pm, I have a seminar..
So, my group which consist of me, kethes and garrett skip the seminar after we sign the attendance..we not so bad lah..because we stay at the seminar until 2.45pm..
Then we are late for the competition..By the time we reached, the competition left 15minutes only..
We are given 3 pieces of A4 paper, 1 egg, 1 string, 1 celofon tape and 2 stone.

Because we did not prepare any idea before the tournament and we left little time..
So, we simply come out with this design

We plan like this:
1. The designed structure fall down straight. Then we increase the strength of the base to support the momentum.
2. After the designed structure hit the ground, the "T" in x-axis and y-axis will prevent the egg hit the ground when the structure fell to side.

Our design is brilliant??
But the incident happened was more brilliant!!!

When the egg structure was released from my hand at level 2 building, the egg fell exactly like what we expect..
But when the egg reached the level 1..
The egg structure turn 180 degrees...
Oopps..the egg is on top of the designed structure
and the top of the design is protectionless..
Then the egg landed directly to the ground without any protection..
The egg break..and a nice breaking sound.."PIAK"
The egg yolk and egg white split out beautifully...
I and Jerard laugh till my tears also came out, my stomach also pain..

As a future Civil Engineer, I have nothing to said or comment about our design..
This is the first time we join this kind of competition..
Is a good try and we gained experience and we enjoy it..

Three future Civil Engineer who failed successfully: Kethes, Garrett and Me


Then today is the second time I play with the egg..
Today we need to do structural analysis assignment on the spot in the class..
The theme also egg. But this time is different with yesterday save the egg competition..
Today we are going to build a structure which has minimum height of 30cm and can hold the egg for at least 1 minutes..
The material we used were straw and celofon tape only..
My group consist of me, garrett again, kok tong, soon haw, loon seng and alex..
We successfully built the tallest structure in the class with the height about 127cm..
But actually we can build higher, just that time is the factor..
(I will post the video and photo once I got it from my lecturer, Mr.Tan

Kethes was in other group..and he continued yesterday success..
the egg in his group break..
But not because of structure failure..
Is because he and boon kang play with the egg..

Full of fun with egg in this week..


Today is one of my best friend, Lek Mon birthday..
Haha..I remember ad since last few days ago..
But today I almost forgot his birthday due to to much fun with egg..
Then I feel some weird feeling when I see the date: 13th August..
Then only I remember back today is his birthday..
Wish you all the best in your study
Don't become "budak kaca" anymore

11 August 2009

Time past very fast..
This week is week 11 for my Y2S1 degree..
My first final exam will be held exactly 1 month from now..
This mean my Y2S1 going to end very soon..

Actually tomorrow I supposingly have save the egg competition and fluid test..
The fluid test is still continue on..
But too bad for the save the egg competition..
Today my structural analysis lecturer, Mr. Tan inform all the CI student MUST attend a seminar which also will be held tomorrow, same time with the save egg competition..
The save the egg competition is about we are give some material and we need to build a structure that can support an egg which drop from 3 level building to the ground..
It is so interesting..because it really test our creative, teamwork, and skill..

Arrghh....which one to go? Save the egg? Go to seminar?
Can I cut myself into two part? But I can't confirm I still can join both event or not after I cut myself..XD
But I think most probaly I will go to the more important event, the seminar..
I think tomorrow only see how the thing going on..

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ myself
Especially after I login into Utar Portal..
Because I am too I simply click anything in Utar Portal..
Then I found out we can check the student who are in President list or Dean list for every course..
Then...I check..
And I SAWWWWWW.... two familiar name in Dean list..
Really ashame myself...

Everyday play, play, play..
Everytime procrastinate my revision, my assignment, my homework, my report..

But I feel relief..
Because all of this is my history now..
As I learned from previous semester..
This semester I change 365 degrees..

This semester, I think I maybe can beat xxx and yyy..
XXX and YYY..I would like to remind you two...Dean list only show NAME only..
Maybe you will see my big name, LIM OOI YUAN and MY PHOTO in president list next semester..
Maybe I must double or triple my hardworking in the final lap of my Y2S1..
Maybe I must remember myself:

oklah..I will stop here..
Actually I come here and bullshit and crap all the thing out..
Because I am waiting my cloth in the washing machine..
Blog again next time..
NIGHT..~ ~ ~

The Kickoff of August

Today is 9th August, sunday..
After 3 months of break..
EPL is back in action..

Today is the kickoff of Community Shield..
between my favourite team, Man Utd vs Chelsea..
The kickoff of the Community Shield also mean that EPL going to start in 1 week time..

As Man Utd die hard fans..I want to watch their match..
I want to watch every match..
But, the aim of myself for this semester is: NO MAN UTD game..
Not because Ronaldo or Tevez move out from the club..
Is because I want to punish myself..
For the fully deserved bad result I got in my last semester..
Really relief because I still passed my exam..

Last semester I watched every Man Utd game..
No matter night or midnight.. sleeping hour reduced..
And I slept in lecture class..
First time in my life I slept(intend) in class..
So..sad case happened..

So, I will never let the history repeat again..
I will never let myself regret for the second time..
So, no Man Utd during study time..
No matter how important the game is..
How interesting the game is..
except semester break or saturday night only..

We must Fail in order to Know..
We must Hurt in order to Grow..
We must Lose in order to Gain..

I failed, I hurt and I lose at last semester..
I know, I grow and I gain from this semester..

Learn from last semester mistake, failure..
Wake up from your sweet dream..
Get out from comfort zone..
Is time to know, grow and gain..
Remember your promise to yourself at the beginning of the semester..
Don't find excuses for yourself anymore..

Man Utd..prove you are strongest team in the world this season..



Rain..does it mean the sky is crying..??

In hydrology, rain is a type of precipitation and is one of the process in hydrological cycle..

Remember last time..I love to play under the rain, train handball under the rain.. Even now..I also seldom use umbrella during raining time..

I like the feel of rainfall hit on me..the feel is very is so relax.. enjoying the rain without thinking any other thing..

I like Kiss the rain..

No word can describe this awesome "Kiss the rain"..
My hear is wet by the tear after I "kiss the rain"...
because "Kiss the rain" touched my heart..
It totally express out the feeling in my heart..
Miss her...
Disappointed to myself..

"Kiss The Rain", a awesome piece from a Korean Pianist, Yiruma

Do we have the right to make decision for other people?

Yesterday, I just got to know that my younger sister also has blogging habit..So, as a caring brother who curious about what my sister wrote in her blog (100% not kepo), I went to her blog and check out...

I founded out that actually she is unhappy or dislike or lost..

She currently pursuing her degree in something like business+accounting (if i am not mistaken) at HELP..But from her blog..she said that she dislike the course she doing right now..So, why would she choose the course from the beginning?

And the answer is the decision making right is not on her hand..the decision making right is on my mum hand..and what make thing worse is: my mum decide to let my sister study this course because of the HELP marketing staff who strongly recommend the program because the marketing staff said the program is very good.

And this is my mum style: prefer to (actually can't said prefer to, should said is always ) listen to other people word and advice rather than her own children except her king of son (not me or my younger brother, I don have elder sister and I am second children of my parent, so is....). While my father is more cincai..he will let us do whatever we want..but the decision making power is on my mum hand..

I went through this stage mum asked me what I want to study( actually she make decision ad)..then I tell her..then she said no and I must go to Civil Engineering..So, I having dilemma in my course during my degree year..I asking myself why I can't choose the course I wanted..but lucky I founded the direction to get out of the jungle..

Now..history repeated..but not on on my sister..

So, is it because they are our parent, they can help us to make decision? Ya..I know..they think for our future..but..did they think whether their children like it? or whether their children suitable in the course or not..

If their children dislike or not suitable in the course, then their children unlimited potential is limited...

So, I think that every people has no right to make decision for other people, whether the fellow is your children, best friend, boy friend, girl friend and whatsoever..except some special case..The only right we have is give opinion..but not make decision for them..

Hope my sister will found the way out of the jungle soon..

p/s: I wrote this post not to blame my parent or anything..Just my point of view only..

Wish You Get Well Soon

wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...
wish you get well soon...

Finally ended

Finally come to the end after a tired day...

Played basketball from 9 something morning until 2 something afternoon...non-stop running up and down in the court...both legs preparing to cramp in anytime...Lucky I trained my stamina and leg few days before the competition..If not..maybe my legs can't cope with the way I run and I can't play till the last match..

My team managed to went through the group stage, with the so called help of another team...And beaten by my senior doubt..the senior team play better than us..

Of course..every game or competition will have win or lose..but kena knockout..of course got little bit disappointed..but we knocked out by a better,I am proud of my team..

"I am sorry"..this is the sentence I really want to said to my team..I did quite a number of mistake..and I did not meet the expectation set by you all...

And I also want to thank all my you all didn't blame me when I did mistake. On the contrary,you all give me support..THANK YOU..Thank you for all today unforgettable memory..

Is over for this semester..I have to concentrate back to my final exam coming soon in 5 weeks time...

1st August 2009

Tomorrow is UTAR sport carnival... This edition of sport carnival will be different from previous edition..because I also involve in one of the eight event, basketball. Other event include futsal, netball, tug of war, badminton, table tennis, volleyball and tennis...

Every UTAR campus except Perak campus will send their elite to KTAR...haha..I have the chance to meet with those elite..I have the chance to compete with those elite..

But I think the quality of the game will reduce a bit because UTAR mixed all the event. This mean you can see guy and girl play netball, basketball, futsal, volleyball together..haha..I think you can't find this situation in other tournament because UTAR is the only one...

Tomorrow is the feeling is..
Not pressure, because all the pressure used up in Hydrology test...
Got a bit kan cheong...
Very eager...
because my desire to get champion was roaring for very long time...
Maybe tomorrow is the time for me to release all the desire that kept for long time..

Believe in myself..
They are strong..but you are stronger when you beat them..
The spirit of 'D' - NEVER GIVE UP!!!


31st July 2009 is last day for July...Finally finished my Hydrology Test at 12pm..but...sirrrrrrrrrr, you are late to class..then you start your story and you give us around 40minutes to answer the test only......

Can you imagine...wo got 3 chapters..Chapter 1 got 747 slides, chapter 2 got 577 slides and chapter 3 got 742 is 2066 slides to STUDY....and the test consist of 10 questions, 40 minutes to do only....

haha..lucky I woke up at 5am and continue my, I managed to really do 5 questions, simply do another 3 questions and leave 2 question blank....(-.-")..I already did my best..I will not regret!!!!!!

Basketball tournament coming in less than 2 days I continue my training after went back: watch 'Slam Dunk'....haha..this is Iverson D.Yuan style of 'Slam Dunk' to train my mentality...

I need to gambateh and 加油!!


30th July 2009

Today is thursday, 3 days before this coming sunday UTAR sport carnival...

kancheong? normal loh..relax..because everyday I prepare myself ready for the tournament..

pressure? a bit + a bit loh...because of result lah...first pressure is from tomorrow hydrology test..haha.. so far understand a bit of the syllabus only..scare get result teruk.... another pressure is from the tournament..scare get result teruk also...

momentum? very high..because of pressure and high determination..and support from friend-friend sekalian..haha..

So, fellow friend and all UTAR FES-ian, please come to sport carnival, this sunday, venue is KTAR..Malulah FES if FES is the home team, but don have supporterssssss...

Continue gambateh, 加油!!

28 July 2009- Transformation 1

Why I have to transfrom myself..Because the thing that I most worried happened on last saturday..My body can't support me..I have to force my body to support me..
So, after 2 days of recovering period from internal injuries..I can start transform myself.

I wan to transform my body..I wan stronger, more endurance and more durability body..
SO, I made a decision to make gym as my second home before sunday tournament..

The first day of transformation:
-went to gym two times
-use staircase to walk from level 20 to level 3 two times
-use staircase to walk from level 3 to level 20 two times

Freaking tough...almost give up when coming up to level 20 while using staircase..

But..I kenot give up!!


Continue gambateh,加油!!!

Countdown: 4 days


Haha..injured myself..

Recovering from internal injuries..

These injuries result by the transformation of myself..

But due to time limit, I set the recovering period for 2 days..

Today is the last day..

Tomorrow I will start to transform myself again..

Whether I fully recovered or not..

I will continue..

Although is quite suffer, but I think I will get the result I want..


Continue Gambateh,加油!!!!!!!

Sport Carnival!!

Hahaha....yeah!! Can't wait till 2nd of August, UTAR Interfaculty Sport Carnival, which will be held at KTAR..haha...

I am officially UTAR FES basketball team member after went through saturday election...haha... sibeh HAPPY!! Maybe dream can come true in this year..haha...


I am in the first team, out of three FES team. First team = strongest team.. Haha..of course pressure will spike because all the high hope is put on first team..But I think I will like it..because pressure will promise me to be more disipline and better player..because I am quite lazy to train myself unless some pressure is pushing me..

I maybe will be more hardworking, determine to cope with the pressure..haha...


Got test, got homework, got report, got training...

But busy is alway better than boring..


The memory of my secondary school- Part 1

When I was in the secondary school, those senior and teacher alway told me: secondary school life is the best..I don't get the meaning until I leave my secondary school..

SMK LA SALLE Klang, one of the oldest secondary school in Klang, is my secondary school. SMK LA SALLE Klang started in 1946, and until now, it is still stand strong in Klang, provide education to Klang people..

SMK LA SALLE Klang is a guy school. So, except teacher, canteen worker or toilet cleaner, you can't see any girl in my school., it is not strange if I am girl shy. Because I never went to any tuition before, so my secondary school life is in my school compound only. My record, I think is 4 and a half year I never talk to any girl student except own family members..Haha...imposible? But I can 99% confirm the record is true..I think nobody can break my record...

During my school time, all the teacher in this school are very friendly. Even though they are strict in class, but they are very friendly..I like all of the teacher.. If you ask me who is my most favourite teacher, I would give you three name: Pn. Lim, Pn.Lim and Encik Suhaimi. I really appreciate this three teacher for teaching me and gave me chances. Not forgotten, all the teacher who taught me before...

The memory of my seondary school can be divide into two parts. The first part is Form 1 to Form 3. During the first 2 years, basically my life is just about study only. Nothing interesting happened.

My interesting life in secondary school started when I enter Form 3. I was in the second class, 3E. This is the year where I start to become 'crazy'. During Form 3, the 'kelas terbersih' award will alway go to between two class only, is either my class got it or another class, 3S got it.

Haha.. actually starting we are not fighting for this award. I remembered 3S class teacher like clean environment. She alway ordered the student to clean the class. So, at the begining 3S are the class who alway get the 'class terbersih' award. Then the war was initiated by ME. haha..because everytime I reached the school quite early. I feel bored because need to wait till assemble time. And I look around the class is quite dirty, so I took the initiative to clean the class and arrange the table nicely. Then my friend also help me. Then the next week, the award go to our class.. haha..then the war continue for the rest of the year..

The teacher I most remember during form 3 is my BM teacher, Mr. Harry Tan. He got 1 his own famous slogan: 'budak malang'. When he teaching half way, if got some student running at the corridor, then he will stop, and told us:' tengok budak malang ini, kita jangan ikut dia jadi budak malang macam dia'..haha..when got people din't tuck in the shirt:' he will said, jangan jadi budak malang, masuk baju ke dalam'..haha..

Mr. Harry EQ is very high..he hardly get angry..but when he angry, he only angry for 3 seconds(the most). Remembered 1 time, my class got 1 malay sleeping in the class. Then Mr. Harry ask him to wake up and wash his face. But the malay student refuse to do that. Then Mr.Harry get angry for 3 seconds:

-1st second: he increase his volume and scold the student: bangun!
-2nd second: he used his hand to hit his shoulder very hard
-3rd second: become normal Harry Tan

Then the whole class kept quiet and surprise because this is the first time we saw him so angry. But the way he angry is very FUN!! haha...

The most funny and interesting part is I alway use hokkien and mandarin to kutuk and talk something about him in front of my friend in front of him. Because I thought he is OCBC (orang cina bukan cina), so he won't understand. But my friend found out actually he is not OCBC..haha..then only I understand..why everytime he sure ask me question during the class...

Actually Mr.Harry is my neighbour, stay 3 house away from my he know me also..His lifestyle is very healthy..every morning 6am, he will go to jogging. Then he will wash his car before he go to school. His car, 'QM 4880' body is very shinning and smooth. Then, when around 5pm, he will go to jogging again..

Another teacher who I remember is my sejarah teacher, Mr.Bala. His favourite action when teaching is pull up his pant very high..haha..He really pull his pant until very high...then sometime, when he teaching, he suddenly increase his voice for no reason...then everybody will awake

(To be continue.....)

23rd July 2009 is Thursday, is a busy Thursday..haha..of course, I still in happy mood.. hahaha..

Today is the test for Structural Analysis..Yesterday I 'piah' all the tutorial today I can do all the question, hopefully no stupid mistake done by me..the only problem is the time is not enough for me..lucky our sir extended 10 minutes for the test..haha..thank you sir..

Today is my classmate, Tat Ming birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tat Ming...So we went to Menara Alpha Jusco KFC to celebrate his birthday..Pity the KFC because we started the cake war, where some of my classmate took the small slice of cake and smash on the face of birthday boy..haha..then birthday boy took another slice of cake and revenge back..haha...I think soon we will blacklisted by Jusco as we also did like that during last time birthday celebration at McDonald..

Coincidently today is Menara Alpha J-card day..but the crowds are a lot but not as much as I ever seen before at Bukit Raja and Bukit Tinggi Jusco,where you need to queue up for 1 hour just to paid the stuff you want to buy..

After that, we went back to Utar as we got Survey Practical at 3pm..we are going to work under hot sun.~~ Today we need to carry out vertical curve...lucky is an easy practical..we managed to finish it around 1 hour..I got a bit sore throat after that..not because of haze..because my group got 1 hyperactive member...haha...

Today is wednesday..

Today is wednesday..I am still happy...

haha...Since I posted the 'Happy' post, so many people ask me: You shifting house is it? haha..I also don't know why you all ask me this question after read the post..

haha..and of course I am the only one who know the secret..and I won't tell you all the secret unitl the right time come...

You all may continue guess my secret, but I won't tell you all whether your guess is right or wrong..even though you ask me..

The only advise to my blog reader : read my blog carefully and read the whole post.. don't just focus on certain paragraph only..haha...

Have a nice guess...You may leave your guess in the comment..


hahaha..I never thought that I can be so happy. I am really happy, happy and happy.. hahah..I can happy until smile to myself all the day.. but I try to control my happiness, to avoid people think I am 'qi siao'...

I am so happy! I am happy because of the size, but I am more happy and happy because of the location..hahaha..The location is very important to me and will influence me a lot..

Haha..of course, the final decision is in my mum hand..

If my mum opt for another decision that opposite to the first choice...I will be still happy, but not as happy as right now..because the location is different as location is important for me... location is important for me... location is important for me...

Then I will find another way to solve the problem.... It is hard and tough. And I must have the confidence in myself..

I wish to extend my happiness till next 2 years...!!!!!! I wish my mum will choose the same choice as I wish...I wish my mum will make the first choice, but I will respect the final decision made by my mum, either first choice or another choice..

Because if the thing is belong to you, it will belong to you..If the thing is not belong to you..don't force yourself to belong it..

MOTHER!! Made the wise and right decision..because your decision will influence me a lot in future...

P/S: edited on 5.30pm, 23rd July 2009

Back to Klang

haha..I am back to Klang after 2 weeks never come back because of test on last Saturday..

but relaxation did not follow me back Klang..


test coming soon, tournament coming soon, assignment due date coming soon, tutorial due date coming soon..

But I am not scare about the challenge..

Because I will make my best preparation for each challenge..

I will study hard..

I will train hard..

I will work hard..

Whenever I completed a challenge..

I know I am 1 step closer to my dream..

Dream will initiate the engine of success..

And let the success fly high..

I am coming, HELL...

Back to 12 years old until now..

8 years pass..

Basketball is still my most favourite sport..

I have won a number of medals in basketball tournament..

I got a MVP medal..

I got bronze and silver medals..

But, none of them is gold colour...

That is the only thing which I haven't achieve..

That is the thing which I want to achieve..

Utar Interfaculty Sport Carnival is on 2nd August 2009..

I registered my name in the basketball team..

This is another chance for me to achieve my dream..

It is not an easy task..

Because I have the chance to meet player from other state..

I will not affraid or scare..

I feel excited..

So, I am going to hell..

I am going to be evil...

I am going to be horror evil..

An horror evil which can determine the win or lose of a game..

So, I am going to give myself a series of evil training..

I must complete the hell journey and transform myself into evil in less than 2 weeks time..

It a short time and it is tough..

But I strongly believe I can finish the journey and transform myself successfully..

Because the biggest enemy is myself..

Hopefully my body can support my desire, spirit..

I beat myself and I will be number 1..


It have been long time I never feel..

so happy, full of spirit, energetic, eager..

Here I come, Hell..~~



wash toilet eventually can't solve any problem..

But it doesn't mean I can't get any solution in toilet..

Don't think too much..

Is not let the right hand or left hand do the job..

Just that I founded calm..

This few days I was so calm..

Think back my past..

Thinking my present..

Think bout my future..

Calm lead me to another world..

Which allow me to look everything from every angle..

Everything is so simple..

And I believe myself choosen the best solution..

Thank you, my friends..

For accompany me walk through this hard time..

Can't Understand!!!

I waiting the answer since long time ago...

waiting..waiting..and waiting...

And today I finally know the answer...

But I am not as happy as I expect...

Because even though I got the answer...

So what...

I don't know the working step...

So, the answer equal to useless...

Then I decided to put this matter aside...

And study for the upcoming Fluid test...

But my concentration distracted by the problem...

So, I stop my study and finding something to do...

Since nobody want to wash the toilet...

Then I decided to wash my house toilet...

Which left unwash for more than 2 months....(we are not dirty or lazy, just some internal problem)

I hope I can figure out some idea when I washing the toilet...

I went into the toilet...

Open tap water...

splash the water on the wall, floor, door, toilet bowl, mirror, basin...

Took the brush...

Brush the wall, floor, door, toilet bowl, mirror, basin...


I used more than 1 hour to finish it...

And I got a conclusion...

The conclusion I get:

Wash toilet eventually can't solve any problem

Sigh..I thought wash toilet can solve the problem...

But it is just a way for me to vent my frustration away...

Is my intelligent not high enough...?

So I can't figure out any idea...

I am back to beginning...!!!

I am not regret for washing the toilet...

Because right now our toilet is super clean...

Perhap can last long another 2 months....

Issue: Math and Science revert back to BM and Mother Tongue language.

Year 2003 onward, the teaching of Math and Science changed into English. And today, Goverment announce the teaching of Math and Science will be revert back to BM and mother tongue language from 2012 onward.

What is this? Change something as their wish. Change something as they like. Did they think of the pity 'Anak Malaysia', which are the victim of their 'experiment'?

Everytime said:" Don't be Kampung Champion. Be World Champion ". Who are sarcastic? BM is national language for Malaysia while English is national language for global.

Year 2003, anak-anak Malaysia go out the Kampung, and start to contact with the world. However, after few years, they don't even walk part of the journey, then they have to take a u-turn, back to Kampung.

So, who will cover the cost of the journey? Malaysian taxpayer!! Is the Goverment thinking that the economic in recession and they have too much money, but don't where to spend the money. So, they splash the money in reverting the PPSMI to stimulate the economic.

Teaching Math and Science in English is a wise move. But the implementation of the move is very very very very very bad. The foundation of the PPSMI is not stable yet, but they continue to build level 1, level 2, level 3 and so on. So, at the end, Goverment decide to destroy the PPSMI, because it is going to collapse.

Waste time, waste money
Malaysia Boleh!!

Think of long run instead of short run
Malaysia Tak Boleh!!


Death should be sad instead of horror..Because it bring the mean of separation..

Last friday, Ms.N was sad. I asked her why. And she told me her grandfather going to die soon because of prostate cancer. I should console her, but at the end I think I maybe made her feel more sad ...

I not a BAD guy!!..normally when I console people, I will ask the people to be happy and don't be sad... But it is imposible for me to ask her don't be sad and be happy because her grandfather going to die...

I knew the feeling of separation between the family member as I have go through before. I knew her feeling right now..But I think she is strong and tough enough to face the truth..

Because of I don't know how to console her, so at I sent this to her:

Sooner or later
You and him will be separate
Because he is going to complete his life routine
Live, old, sick and death
Sick and Death might be scary thing
But he know
His entire family members are standing behind him
Love him
Support him
Care him
Accompany him
He no longer fear anything
Because he have great family members.
Although not much time left
But, don’t be sad
Enjoy every moment left
Between you and him

And I think I should learn how to console people who are going to lose their family member but I don't wish to use it....

Mr. Y answer

Yesterday I was busy with my assignment, runoff in river. It was a tough assignment as the text book and google search can't provide any useful information. I just start my assignment around 11pm because I busy search for information for the past few day.

The time is around 2.30am, I left the last part of my assignment. Suddenly my friend, Mr. Y wanted to share his frustration with me. As his close friend and amateur counselor, I will definitely help him..

This is my answer to you:
Mr.Y , even though we are in the same secondary school, but I really get to know you from last year only. In this 1 year time, I can't said that I fully understand about you, but base on my observation in this 1 year, you are 冲动, 激动, and 做事情没有三思而后行.

Every people have problem. Not only you, I also have problem. But why some people are happy while some are not. The difference between the happy people and the sad people is the way they handle their problem.

I really pity about what you have go through so far. And I am glad to know that you are regretting for what you have done all the time. That is why you are willing to share your frustration and problem with me. You told me you want to go back to your pass and change everything. But if you are given a chance to go back to your pass and you are going to change everything into perfect, then I think you will be more useless compare to now. Why? Everything is perfect, no problem, no stress, no frustration, so you are just like kid. What had pass, just let it pass. Learn from pass and build the future.

As we continue our life, our responsibility, our problem, our stress are also increase. That is why changes are important for us. Changes will allow us to cope our problem. For example: a company started it business in 1950 and have the profit of 100k per annual. Do you think the company will still survive till now if the way the company do business continue remain constant.

So, I think the first thing you should learn is 忍(stand)and control yourself. Because everytime you are so emo, argue and fight with the people around even because of the small thing. Try to talk with the people around you nicely, don't 冲动 and 激动.

I will continue assist you but you must show me and prove me you know how to 忍 and control yourself first.

20 years of my life-Why I am an Utarian?

Today is 1st July 2009, is the first day of second half year of 2009.
This week is week 5, as an University student,
I start entering the busy period of the semester
Where the test, due date of asssignment will come find me soon

Why I choose UTAR for my tertiary level study ?
UTAR, my choice?
Erm...maybe is true..
Allow me to begin my story.

After I finished my SPM, my mum asked me what I want to do?
My answer was I want to study medical and work in hospital emergency department.
Basically my dad did not oppose my idea but he said want to see my SPM result.
But my mum opposed because she dislike the doctor working time.
My mum went to 'tukang tilik' and ask which career is best suit for me.
The 'tukang tilik' said I not suitable in 机械/机器 (engineering)and medical.
Accountant, advertisement designer, marketing are more suitable for me.
Then the topic was on hold until I got my SPM result.

My mum asked me again what I want to do?
Then I gave different answer: Economic.
My mum agree with my choice.
But how come I end up in UTAR, taking Civil Engineering course?
The story haven't end...
Actually from the beginning, my mum planned want me to take Civil Engineering..
Because her friend son taking this course...
So, at the end I registered Civil Engineering in UTAR.
But, according to my character, I will argue with my mum..
If I argue with my mum, I think I already follow my choice..
But I never did that during that time..
This is because of two reasons.
Actually is three reasons. I founded out the last reason during my Y1S2.

The first reason:
Because of myself.
During that time, my mind is thinking:
Civil Engineering? What is that course about? Should I follow my choice?
5 years only.. very fast can graduate ad..
But aunty said the course very hard to study..
So..very hard...? Hard?
"Very hard" attracted me to enter UTAR..

The second reason:
Because she at UTAR.

The third reason which I found out when I lost in jungle:
Because of my grandfather.
Grandfather? Then I need to begin another story...

I had 4 months break after my Y1S1..
I entered Y1S2 and I found out I loss my study mood..
During the final exam period..
I was so stress..I can't concentrated..
And I knew what I studied never enter my mind
And I knew I going to did badly in my final exam..
After end of my exam.. I start to think whether I should continue
Or I should stop and go to my favourite Economic..
Actually I decided to tell my mum until..
Until I reflash back my memory..
I went to the time where I am 17 year old, still study at form 5..
I still remember that time is school holiday..
My grandfather passed away..
On the second day of my grandfather funeral..
I ask my mum something..
and my mum indirectly and accidently tell me..
about my grandfather achievement, history..
I was stunned and can't believe by my grandfather achievement and history..
From that time onward, my grandfather became the person that I respect the most..
I will emulate my grandfather and even overpass my grandfather achievement..
Know my grandfather achievement and history has the pros and con..
It depend on how we see..
My mum place a bet on telling my grandfather history to me...
And I srongly believe my mum will win the bet..

So, becoming as Civil Engineer can be said as my indirectly ambition
Which I almost forgot until I lost in the jungle and found back
So, at the end I never tell my mum about my initial thinking
As I decided to put more effort and hardworking in my new semester study
I found back my old VISION
Work Hard to emulate my grandfather and overpassing him

Although the 'tukang tilik' said that I am not suitable in engineerig field, but I believe that our fate is set by god, but WE are the one who controlling it.